Baseball: never too late or too early - and so worth it

An article on how to get your child involved in a Brooklyn Baseball team.

Catchers often become great communicators
Every year around Opening Day Park Slope Parents is flooded with inquires about when and where to sign sons and daughters up for baseball. Even though the snow has just melted, it’s already too late.
But do not lose hope!
Although registration deadlines are closed, the three most popular baseball leagues in Park Slope—SFX Youth Sports, 78th precinct, and Holy Name—typically allow you to sign up late, for an additional fee. The leagues don’t guarantee a spot for late registrants, but I’ve never heard of a kid who signed up that didn’t get placed.
Salad days in Prospect Park

Why sign up at all if registration is already closed? Coach Javier, who organizes the SFX teams says, “it’s important for boys & girls to play baseball because it is a game that is played within a team concept. It teaches you how to work within a group (teamwork), what to do in a particular situation (strategy), and how to encourage each other POSITIVELY (camaraderie). All these aspects are needed in life in order to succeed. It is a formula for success! That's why America loves this sport.” I should also add that it’s a lot of fun.
That is why my husband has been coaching our sons for the past 6 years. Over the years I’ve seen my sons gain focus. Waiting for the ball in the outfield requires patience and awareness…a difficult combination for a 5 year-old boy. During my eldest’s first year in baseball, he made ‘snow’ angels while covering right field. He now plays 1st base and practices twice a week with his travel team.

Going for home

Get your late baseball registrations in so your child can also enjoy the benefits of baseball. And if you happen to be on 7th Avenue on the Saturday morning of April 9th, be sure to cheer on boys and girls parading in their team shirts and baseball gloves from Garfield to 9th Street. Its Opening Day of America’s favorite pastime!
SFX Youth Sport
78th Precinct
Holy Name