Zoe Wenzel
Zoe Wenzel



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  • Personal Trainer Recommendations?

    Highly recommend Zoë Wenzel - she's trained me before and used to coach at my gym, but has since left NYC to help her parents out in N Hampshire. She has lots of flex payment options and setups that will work with a tight budget. She’s been a trainer at multiple places (Row House, F45, OTF), has a lot of 1-1 experience, especially with women. She also just has a true passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals (and she knows a TON). One of her more cost effective options is to create custom workout plans for you and do accountability/progress check ins regularly which may work for what you're looking for. She's also a stickler for proper form which is so important. She can be reached at You can also check out her insta @zoefitlife