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  • Buying the apartment you are renting

    As far as real estate attorneys go, we used Howard Brickner in the first purchase and Zerline Goodman in the second. You will come across both of their names on this website and around the BK real estate. The only reason we didn't use Howard the second time was because the seller had engaged him first.
  • Real estate attorney needed

    Zerline Goodman is the BOMB. Amazingly calm, so smart. Has helped navigate me through multiple, hairy big decisions a few times.
  • Recs for good coop attorney

    Our co-op has used Zerline Goodman to tackle co-op issues, closings, etc. and we used her on our own closing. She’s responsive, smart and Brooklyn Heights-based.
  • 2018 Review

    Zerline Goodman is my favorite person in the entire world for this whole annoying process of buying and selling. We used Zerline and her team when we purchased our place 6 years ago and thought she was great. It felt like she was the only person in the process who had only our best interests in mind. I’ve called her a few times through the years for random things and she has been happy to help. We are using her again to sell our apartment - and have another attorney in New Jersey to buy out there. Having an attorney who is not Zerline has shown me that Zerline is even better than I thought. Zerline is not only thorough, responsive, and helpful, she’s also hilarious and I love calling her. While my NJ attorney expects that I know what’s going on, Zerline makes sure that I know what’s going on!
  • SHOUT OUT - Real Estate Lawyer

    I would like to recommend our amazing real estate lawyer, Zerline Goodman. She and her team were amazingly helpful and knowledgable when my husband and I bought our apartment 6 years ago and has been responsive and helpful with any questions we have had through the years. I just spoke to her again recently with a new question - and was reminded about how great she is. I honestly can't recommend her enough. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • AMAZING real estate lawyer

    If you are looking for an amazing real estate lawyer, I cannot say enough good things about Zerline Goodman and her team. Throughout our entire buying process, she was responsive, helpful, thorough, and had only our best interests in mind. She is asked in Brooklyn Heights but handles real estate transactions throughout the state of New York. We purchased our coop 4 years ago but I had to contact her today about something - and she literally responded to me within minutes with the document needed.
  • ISO Real Estate lawyer

    We used Zerline Goodman as our real estate lawyer and could not have been happier. Zerline and her team were accessible, responsive, on the ball, knowledgable, and had only our best interests in mind through the process of purchasing our apartment.