Jenna Zabala - Zabala Holistics
Jenna Zabala - Zabala Holistics


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Reviews (5)

  • Personal Training/Trainers/Gyms

    I’ve been working with Jenna Zabala for a couple of years now (wow)! She’s awesome and works out of a small studio in south slope. She has a group fitness class and works privately 1:1s.
  • Outdoor exercise classes in Old Stone House park or Prospect Park?

    I’ve been working out with Jenna MWF at 9th street in PP at 7:15am. She has an active group class but I know she also does semi-and privates. She has great energy and is a very generous person. Lots of variety, equipment and credentials.
  • ISO: Exercise Group in Prospect Park

    I've gotten into a great routine M-W-F @7:15am at 9th street bandshell with a small group. The instructor (Jenna) is awesome--and has a wide variety of equipment given the fact that she is exclusively outdoors and schlepps it all to the park. She mixes it up and focuses on strength training. We sometimes get rained out but it's mainly working well. We use a group chat and that helps to motivate me. It's a nice group of people--mixed ages, mostly women but we have a couple of men that attend. This group used to be at GAP and I know she does some privates/semi-privates there still. It's all about the numbers--if she has enough interest in a particular location--she may be able to make it work with her schedule. She has many credentials--check her out here:
  • ISO: In-person group fitness class, in/around Park Slope

    I have been doing a small group workout with Jenna (certified personal trainer) since last August. She is committed, knowledgeable about strength training, incorporates a variety of movements and adaptations with and without weights. She makes it easy. The structure has helped keep me accountable for months now. She is just a super nice person and goes above and beyond for her clients. Pre-pandemic she was a licensed massage therapist and has since been running adult and tween/teen boot camps 2-3x a week. The class was at GAP and now on Zoom but will resume outside at 9th street workout area as weather permits (soon). Contact info here: She has a nice group of supportive people at different levels attending these workouts.
  • Social Distance Personal Trainer

    I've been working out with Jenna Zabala at GAP (near water fountain). She has 7am and 8am sessions and may do evenings if enough interest. She brings a variety of different weights and equipment. She is upbeat and easy to work out with. Contact: