Young Ideas Group Family Daycare
Young Ideas Group Family Daycare



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Reviews (3)

  • Review of Young Ideas Day Care

    My son has attended Young Ideas Day Care for a year and the whole family could not be happier! He is three an a half and looks forward to "school" each day. He has thrived in the nurturing environment that Maritza and her team have established. Young Ideas offers a well-rounded experience that focuses equally on social-emotional development and academic growth through a hands-on approach to everything. As another reviewer mentioned, the children plant a garden in the Spring and harvest throughout the Summer and Fall. That's just one example of how the children are involved in creating their own learning experiences. The topics of study are largely driven by the children's interest and families are always encouraged to participate. Over the last year the students have studied different environments, as well as addressed safety issues and learned about their own community. Several of the children speak Spanish and most discussions happen in both English and Spanish, which has been really fun for our son who only speaks English at home. The child to adult ratio is small (about 3 or 4:1) and results in strong bonds between the children and the providers and the opportunities for children to receive one-on-one coaching and help to work through typical social struggles preschoolers have (sharing, keeping hands to themselves, etc.). Maritza regularly attends professional development sessions through her network and the day care is run incredibly professionally. Home-cooked, healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided daily and the children take a nap. My son has learned so much and we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the loving community that is Young Ideas.
  • Recommendation: Young Ideas Group Family Daycare

    This program is a hidden gem for 2 & 3 year olds in Greenwood Heights/South Slope. The owner, Maritza, is a natural; she has created a warm, engaging environment where the children's interests shape each day's play activities, which are centered around weekly themes. Activities my child has loved include planting and harvesting a vegetable garden, baking, making a jungle diorama as a class, playing with fresh snow from outside, practicing "milking" with an udder made from a rubber glove, visiting a local dentist, and acting out the life cycle of a frog. Preschool basics like letters, colors, numbers, and writing names are covered, but integrated into daily activities (so for example children practice their names each morning by "signing in" on the blackboard, or practice counting by playing games). Meals are provided, schedules are flexible, and rates are reasonable. All three teachers are bilingual in English and Spanish, and they provide a loving environment. The daycare is located on the bottom floor of the owner's home. The indoor space is small and a bit dark, but there is a very large back yard where the children play outside; they also frequently visit Slope Park playground, which is right across the street. We have been very happy with the program, which we discovered by chance, and feel it has given our child a great foundation for pre-K.
  • Review from 2013 Daycare/Preschool PSP Survey

    Review date June 2013 (for 2012-2013 year) Program: Length of time: 4 days Child's age: 2-3 years4-5 years Review: We ended up at Young Ideas at the last minute, when our existing daycare suddenly lost its space. It was a happy accident. My children are thriving and happy. They spend a lot of time each day in the big back yard, where they plant a garden, catch bugs, run in the sprinkler, ride tricycles, etc. Each day when I pick them up they seem to be doing a new activity: puppets, blocks, imaginative play, puzzles, etc. this is a small, homelike atmosphere, structured but flexible; the owner, Maritsa, is fantastic with our children, loving but firm. We are very pleased. Cons: indoor space is on the small side; no external enrichment programs like music. Pros: big yard, low cost, meals provided, family atmosphere, flexible schedules. Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend