YMCA Sports Complex at Park Slope Armory
YMCA Sports Complex at Park Slope Armory


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Reviews (38)

  • Little Athletics/Track and Field for kids?

    I'm not sure when your little one turns 5, but the YMCA Park Slope Armory has indoor track classes for kids starting age 5. My child (7) has been enrolled all year and he loves it.
  • Recommendations for soccer class for 6 yr old?

    We have had good experiences with ProSoccerkids (outdoors in the park) and also the Y has a soccer program at the Armory which has been great if you are comfortable.
  • Advice on soccer lessons for 1 year old

    I went the budget-route and signed my 2.5yo up for “soccer” at the Armory Y. It’s a huge bust. It’s a room with 8 toddlers and soccer balls are present. The kiddos just run around together shouting. There is a Y staff member there, but he solely facilitates cleaning up the soccer balls at the end of the allotted time. Def avoid. Yeesh.

    The YMCA Armory on 15th street has open play times for younger ones and older ones can run the track almost anytime or play some soccer or ping pong on the side. I think membership may be required but possibly there are drop in rates. If you are food coop member you get a discount on membership. (October 2019)
  • Armory Soccer class for 4 year old?

    Sign up for Y soccer! It’s more of an intro at that age, my son took the class from ages 3-5 and the coaches did fun drills, silly games and a little scrimmage at the end of each session. It’s great for letting a kid try out soccer without tossing them straight into a game. And it’s much more affordable then some club options and indoors!
  • [CP] Join Brooklyn’s premier youth and teen basketball league at the Park Slope Armory.

    A shout out for the Park Slope Armory Y's basketball program. My daughter played there a few years ago (Chrissy is great) and it wasn't too competitive and she learned some good skills. My daughter (now 15) is now on the varsity Bball team at her school. It really helped to start her earlier.
  • Indoor walking

    The Armory YMCA has an indoor track and is perfect for walking indoors.
  • Armory versus 9th street

    One good thing about the Armory with kids is that it's a great place to just go and hang in the winter / on rainy days - the big drill hall has lots of space to kick a ball around, shoot some hoops, play ping pong, etc. so when your kids need to work off energy when the weather's bad it can be a great resource. I don't know that 9th street has that kind of open play area.
  • Armory versus 9th street

    A couple more considerations (full disclosure, I am an employee of both the Armory and 9th street, but am answering this as a parent) * the armory doesn't have towel service or showers. If you want to work out before work or on a lunchbreak, it's best if you live very close by or don't need to shower *if you're a family member at any one of them, your kid can do programs at the member price at either. My kid loved the track class at the Armory, but we do ballet and swimming at 9th street *If you're looking for fitness classes for YOU, check the schedules of both and see what looks best for your schedule. *as a Y member, you get 10 passes a year to use at other branches, so if you want to join one and use the other from time to time, it's no problem,
  • looking for a zumba class in Park Slope

    I love Zumba with Michael (super fun and high energy) at the YMCA Armory and with Lilka (super fun and more like a dance class than an exercise class)--I think she's at both the Armory and the Prospect Park location.
  • YMCA Toddler classes - thoughts on quality?

    The Y had been awesome for our family. My older daughter has taken dance for 4 years, since she was 3 and did a long stint of track classes at the Armory from 3-5. The coaches are great, super friendly and engaging. My little one does indoor playground a few times a week, the drop in art class once a week, family swim on Fridays and both girls still love child watch, which is FREE for up to 6 hours a week.
  • YMCA Toddler classes - thoughts on quality?

    The Armory Y has been an absolute life saver for us. There are always basketballs available, and the track is open for all to use when it isn't public school hours. We go there regularly in bad weather (hot, cold, and wet), and just have a run around, and buy a snack from the vending machine (big excitement). There are also several loose classes a few times a week. 3 days a week there is an indoor playground in the mornings with some foam mats and giant foam blocks along with a million kids. A few days during the week and once a weekend (I think) there is also open arts and crafts space with coloring, feathers, googly eyes, etc for exploring and playing with. Again, Armory is an absolute lifesaver for us, even though we almost never work out there or take any real structured classes for working out or kids activities.
  • childre at gym & mommy & baby weekend yoga?

    Another vote for the Y! (Full disclosure, I teach there a couple times a week, but am writing this as a parent, not an employee) Both my girls go to child watch at the 9th Street Y a few times a week and have since the older one was 6 months old. It's free for family members and you get up to 6 hours a week in up to 2 hour increments. I will admit that I have used it simply to eat lunch in peace and to take a shower. But also for exercise!
  • childcare at gym & mommy & baby weekend yoga?

    My daughter started going to childwatch at the armory y at 6 months, now almost 4, and it's a great service.
  • Birthday space rentals- HELP

    Follow up to the YMCA suggestion. You do not need to be a member in order to rent a room! We hosted my sons last three birthday parties there and they were great! Highly recommend it, though occasionally tough to get in touch with the event coordinator, totally worth it.
  • 2018 Review

    Park Slope Armory YMCA. It is cheap, easy and a big venue. We did our three year old’s first bday there. If you get a certain room they’ll put the big play mat in there too.
  • vigorous after-school activity for 5-year-old?

    Welcome to Brooklyn :) Look into the YMCA; they have two locations around Park Slope. In addition to offering an ample schedule of classes, it also has a big open space for kids to play in. That might be your closest alternative to going to the park. It's very popular on cold winter days!
  • [Winter2015Babies] Birthday venues for 3 year old parties

    We had Penelope's 1st birthday at Y Armory a couple years ago, and I could not agree more that it was a terrific and affordable location! We decorated the room ourselves which was fun and saved money, brought in our own food and drinks, along with games, an iPod speaker and some play tents etc from IKEA. Everyone had a great time
  • [Winter2015Babies] Birthday venues for 3 year old parties

    Brooklyn Arts Exchange and the YMCA Armory are both great, affordable locations with room for kids to play! BAX provides more in terms of things for an indoor playroom.
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 3 Venue Review: It was great. We had a large room with a mat for the kids to play on. They provided tables and chairs as well.
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 2 Venue Review: Staff was helpful, room was perfect for our needs.
  • Awesome preschool soccer ages 3-4

    The class is terrific, not only are soccer skills emphasized, but so is overall fitness, with the kids doing running, quickness, and jumping drills. The class is held in the gym and it's also super easy if you attend with a sibling ;-)
  • Re: Best yoga class for beginners in the slope?

    I love Cheryl who teachs at both Y's (Armory and 9th st) She has a great beginners' class and restorative.
  • Gymnastics class for 7 yr old

    Prices are very cheap. Impossible to get into though unless you are a member and then you pretty much have to stay up and register online right when the registration opens at midnight. I observed one class and thought it was good although my daughter doesn't like it as much as the others. I think this is because, unlike some of the others (see below), when it is not their turn, they just have to sit and watch. They also have a very long stretching time at the beginning of the class which means they don't actually get to do much on the equipment. Virtually no possibilities for makeups because there is only one class offered per week.
  • Re: Yoga class in the neighborhood

    Jason's Power Yoga Class @ Park Slope Armory YMCA- he teaches 3x's a week!
  • YMCA Soccer for toddlers?

    I signed him up to the Y's soccer program- much less $$ and Less kids. It was more low key. Less noisy and indoors. I preferred it to SSS for this particular child. But in general, I think its just to young for any real results. We are just waiting til he is old enough for AYSO.
  • (no subject)

    YMCA Name of specific class (if applicable) - soccer Location - Armory How old is your child? (or the age when he/she attended this program)? Age: - 3 What did you/your child like about this program or class? A lot of running around What would you change about the program? The coach was very young and didn't really have a sense of how to shift her instructions for young children. She had them scrimmaging in the first class, without their understanding the rules of the game or any skills. My daughter has some minor sensory issues, so when she yelled at her , "no hands", that combined with the intensity of the space for sensitive kids, sent my daughter spinning. She spent the class sitting on the sidelines crying. I understand I could have done some more prep work; however, I was disappointed when I brought her back to the coach to say she was scared about coming back and the coach just shrugged her shoulders. Some kids are like that, she said. Will you send your child back to this program or class again? (Or would you if you could?) No Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Do NOT recommend If there is any other information you want to provide, let us know here: This program would be fine for kids who were able to be more assertive. We really enjoyed the Y dance classes.
  • (no subject)

    Name of Business - YMCA - Armory Name of specific class (if applicable) - Baby Boogie Location - YMCA - Armory (15th Street) How old is your child? (or the age when he/she attended this program)? Age: - 3 mos. What did you/your child like about this program or class? Relaxed, fun atmosphere, free for Y members, low-commitment, nice place to meet parents in the neighborhood. What would you change about the program? No Response Will you send your child back to this program or class again? (Or would you if you could?) Yes Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Recommend
  • (no subject)

    Armory YMCA Name of specific class (if applicable) - Ballet 3-4 yrs olds Location - 15th street b/n 7th, 8th avenue How old is your child? (or the age when he/she attended this program)? Age: - 3 What did you/your child like about this program or class? She likes music so she seemed to like the structure of the class. The class was the most affordable in the neighborhood. What would you change about the program? The children didn't learn the proper names for the moves they did. There was also no recital. She seemed to learn more terminology from her friends that attend the brooklyn dance project. Will you send your child back to this program or class again? (Or would you if you could?) No Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Recommend with reservations
  • feedback on YMCA Armory child care?

    I used the Armory child care a few times when my daughter hit the 6-month mark. I thought the care was great. The aides were super friendly and attentive, and my daughter seemed to enjoy it, but you have to schedule it all ahead of time, which is a big pain. I wound up giving up because it got too hard to schedule a slot days in advance and stick to it. Would have been so much better if I could have just shown up at my convenience. If the scheduling aspect isn't an issue for you though, the actual service is completely fine.
  • (no subject)

    Just an FYI that YMCA has some great personal trainers-- and a 10 pack for $350 (much much much lower than most personal trainers who typically start at $60 and up an hour). I found for the price difference I could join the Y AND get personal training once a week at the same time. The Y also has a 12 week Personal Fitness program going on right now where you can meet with a fitness guru up to 4 times who will help you learn how to use the machines, plan goals, and other cool things to keep you motivated. (Jan 2011)
  • (no subject)

    I use it on the weekends only because my work schedule makes it hard to get there on the weekdays. I call Child Watch mid-week to book childcare on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Any member can use the free childcare if your kids are age 7 and under and you fill out forms and provide proof of immunization. The Child Watch caregivers are excellent and my almost 5 year old loves going there. Usually after I work out, my son and I get a ball or two and either play soccer or shoot baskets. He also likes to run around the track. I have seen families playing ping pong on the side of the track. In the summer there were very few activities in the middle part of the large room/track, but that might change in the fall. There are no showers, so I arrive in my workout clothes and lock up any extras. I just shower when I get home. I only use the cardio and weight rooms, but I have heard that the classes are great. There are also classes for kids and members get a nice discount. My son is currently in karate on Thursdays at 4pm and an 8 week classes cost $110. They have free classes, too. For $72/month for a family, they have a lot to offer. I would try it out a few times more and see if it's a fit. (October, 2010).
  • (no subject)

    I use the Armory a lot. I do take advantage of some of the drop-in programming for toddlers--story times and indoor tumbling are particularly nice. I don't know much about the more structured ongoing classes for older kids. (Ballet and whatnot.) There are times when you can get a ball and play with your kids on the drill room floor, you'd have to check the schedule. As for lockers/showers, it's not ideal, but there are lockers in the hall for your stuff, and a small open changing room in the bathroom. I usually bring a change of clothes to walk home in, and shower at home. I think the armory is a great resource for those of us who live farther from 9th street, maybe especially with littler kids. (October, 2010)/
  • (no subject)

    In response to childcare offered at the armory: Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about chilcare at the Armory. Everyone had high praise; there were no negative responses. A few people recommended booking several days or a week in advance, and in-person. (September 2010). You need a copy of your child's immunization records in order to use the facility.
  • (no subject)

    We have a 3 yo and use it a LOT for her. But use it for ourselves as well. We have found the armory to be an amazing place for our daughter. They have so many classes - at all times of day. And so many choices. (We've taken mom and tot yoga, creative dance, open family art, and she is now doing ballet). They also have open tot gym for the 0-4 set (great for 2 year olds) a couple of mornings a week. They also have on the weekends (not sure when and not sure if other days as well) open use of the big gym for kids and families (and everyone!) to kick around balls and do whatever. We've done that a number of times. My husband uses the weight room, the aerobic room and the track. I use the weight room when my daughter is in dance class (a great perk - you don't have to just sit around, but can do something!) and take pilates and yoga classes. There are tons upon tons of classes - I have no idea about half of them - but things beyond just a typical Y or gym - like art for adults, and I think I saw something about swing dancing. The baby/toddler/family program is particularly impressive -- definitely worth examining the extensive schedule. While there is no locker room, there are lockers, and there is a big changing room in the back of the Women's bathroom (did you see that?) which is never used and is like your own private changing room. (It's adults only, but I have changed my daughter's diaper in there many a time over the past year). The showers have never been an issue for us as we live close by so just shower at home.
  • (no subject)

    FWIW, my son is almost five and we use the Armory childcare every Saturday and Sunday morning. He LOVES it and calls it the "Y Playroom". The caregivers are very warm, friendly, and play with the kids. I see younger kids in there and they seem well cared for and content. I have had no problems and am very grateful for this membership perk.
  • (no subject)

    I’ve used the Armory childcare regularly for my 20-month-old for the past several months, and I have nothing but praise. The young women who work there are incredibly sweet and attentive, and every time I pick up my daughter she’s having a blast. There’s always at least one adult, usually two, actively playing and interacting with the kids. It took my daughter a week or so to get used to going—she would cry when I dropped her off, but the care providers were great at soothing and/or distracting her and I could go hide right outside the room and hear that she stopped crying within a minute or two. Now she looks forward to going and asks about her “buddies” by name. I often see younger babies there, too, and they’re always well-cared for. There’s a sign-in sheet where you let them know where you’ll be, and they’ll come get you if your child is having a really hard time (never happened to me, but I have seen them call a mom for a particularly inconsolable toddler), or if they need a diaper change or a trip to the potty. They don’t deal with diapers or potty themselves, but they will give a bottle and/or snack if needed. It tends to be a little chilly in there, so pack a sweater and socks! To use the childcare, you have to provide a copy of your child’s immunization records, and sign up for a time—you can call or book in person up to a week in advance. There are only spots for 2 kids under 19 months at a time—before my daughter hit that mark, it was a little harder to get an appointment, but there will generally be room if you’re able to plan a few days ahead. They will try to accommodate drop-ins as long as they’re not booked full. Overall, two thumbs up.
  • (no subject)

    My daughter took her first drop-off yoga class at the Armory yesterday and loved it! The problem is that there are only two of them signed up. If they don't get more kids they will have to cancel the class. :( If any of you are interested in signing up, here are the details. Think of it, your kid gets all zen and you get 45 minutes to work out! Perfect!