Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu School
Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu School


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  • Shout out for a great Kung Fu class

    If you’re looking for a martial art class, you may want to check out Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu School. I’ve been taking classes as a beginner there and I love it. I get a great workout and learn Traditional Kung Fu self-defense moves but more than techniques it helps me find balance in life, gain confidence and develop awareness, at least I like to believe so :-). That’s why I spend my precious little time without kids there! It’s a family run school and they teach both Kung Fu and Tai Chi to adults and kids (their own kids are students too). They’re having their annual open house this Saturday, September 12th, so you can observe or try a class for free and see if it’s a good fit.