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Work Heights



Work Heights is a locally owned coworking company in Brooklyn. We have 3 locations that all our members share. Our spaces are located in the neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Clinton Hill.

We make it easy to find your focus. Imagine no distractions, no interruptions, and the perfect environment to switch on your flow-state, every time you walk through our doors. What becomes possible when you can do your best work in our spaces, which are designed for that purpose?

Reviews (2)

  • Coworking space

    I love love love Work Heights! They have permanent desk options, but I like being able to go to any location I choose. (They have several around Brooklyn.) They’re well maintained, the owner is super responsive to concerns big and small, and their app makes it very easy to see how busy any location is at a given time and to book conference rooms.
  • Coworking space recommendations

    I use work heights - there’s one in prospect heights and one in crown heights. It’s ok, very minimal, and $30/day with unlimited access (can access in evenings, anytime 12 am - 12 pm) The downside is it’s all one big room, so nowhere really to take calls when it’s cold out (they have a lovely backyard where you can take calls when it’s warm) though if you’re there during odd hours you may be the only one there..