Wonderforest Nature Preschool
Wonderforest Nature Preschool


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Reviews (8)

  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: Lovely interior space, indoor play area, lots of outside time, caring teachers and admin. My daughter loved her teachers this year. Lots of great communication over the Brightwheel app. Lots of nature-based learning and play. I would send my child there again for 3K, but for 4K, I think she needs a bit more curriculum. Wonderforest is child-led, which is wonderful. The entrance on 6th ave has always been a little tricky because its busy and right next to a hospital, but this year seemed better than last.; Amenities: Has after-school options, Has early morning hours; What would you change? For the tuition cost, I would love it if there was some broader curriculum: cultural exposure, language, music more than once a week, yoga (they did Yo Re Me last year, but stopped it this year).
  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: We loved it! Beautiful facility, great teachers and a program that is deeply centered on nature and spending time outside.; Amenities: Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, beautiful indoor play space;
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: Loved: The focus on nature, park trips, the interior design of the facility (lots of light, big classrooms, great books and toys), proximity to home, my child always felt safe and cared for Did not enjoy: 1. Drop/off pickup -- the location is on 6th ave and right next to a hospital. Pickup, especially at the back door, is super stressful because you're trying to stay out of the way of the hospital entrance, avoid foot traffic and keep child from running onto the busy sidewalk 2. Communication with teachers — mostly everything is done through Brightwheel and often feels impersonal. Also, often questions/requests were met with a tone that felt unfriendly or annoyed (but that could've just been my child's teacher) 3. Inflexibility with schedule changes 4. School "loosely" follows DOE calendar except summer vacation starts two weeks before DOE lets out (so you're paying for a full school year, but getting two weeks less) In short, I would do it again because the proximity to our home can't be beat and my child truly loves going to school. Also, because we live in a city without easy access to nature, it makes me happy to know she is getting a sampling in school. If you want your kid to learn letters and numbers, or bring home arts and crafts projects on the regular, this school is NOT for you. If you enjoy progressive education, a focus on boundaries, how to talk to each other in a respectful ways, non-gendered language, this school IS for you. Amenities: Has after-school options, Has early morning hours What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish there was a more separate entryway where drop-off/pickup didn't feel so rushed and frantic. Meals/snacks included would be awesome.
  • Best daycares in Prospect Heights?

    Wonderforest near Barclay's is absolutely amazing -- if you're nearby, I highly recommend checking it out!
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: 38 6th Avenue, Brooklyn Type of facility: Preschool Review: I probably would not send my child here if we could do it again, knowing what we know now and having experienced how the year played out. But, it was the inaugural year, so it was understandably rocky. What was most difficult was lack of communication from the school about the progress of the building opening and inconsistent COVID and other child illness policies. The policies include a basic catch-all that the school can close, partially or fully, or ask child(ren) not to attend for any reason, so in that respect, they followed the policies. But, it would still have helped us to manage our expectations if we had clearer guidelines. We also thought that the school would be more understanding and supportive of all-parent working families, as that is the stated motivation for opening the school. We're a family with several kids and childcare drop-offs where one or both parents travel frequently, which unfortunately and inevitably means that we will forget things (we try!). Most teachers were really understanding of this; one teacher in particular was really not, which was hard (again, we're trying our best, and we've appreciated most other daycares/preschools we've attended have been more understanding). All that said, my child loved the program and we appreciated the philosophy. What amenities does the facility have? Has after-school options Is there anything you would like to add about how the school is handling the pandemic? They are on the conservative end of the precaution spectrum, in a way that didn't correspond with our family's risk tolerance, and which we didn't think they accurately communicated before the start of school and ask we were selecting a school. Every family is different and it's all reasonable, but we were looking for a school that had a similar perspective as us, and what we were told did not align with actual practice (e.g., outdoor masking).
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: Prospect Heights Type of facility: Preschool Review: We love the ethos, the teachers, the building and how much our son has developed socially and emotionally since starting WF. As any program in its first year and dealing with covid, it had a few hiccups (building not ready bc of flooding being the primary one); but the staff delivered on a safe prospect park experience that my son loved, given their deep experience with brooklyn nature days. There isn’t a huge focus on traditional learning - they’re not rote memorizing ABCs - but I know how to do that stuff and not how to patiently explore a hidden corner of the park and how to help toddlers regulate while taking (safe) risks. Can’t wait to send him back next year. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Has early morning hours Is there anything you would like to add about how the school is handling the pandemic? Kids all have to test weekly, which I appreciate. They are under DOH not dOE, which was a bit of a bummer. But I’m hoping with vaccines DOH will move to test to stay vs. shutting down programs.
  • wonderforest feedback

    Our daughter is enrolled in their 2s program, and we are very happy. This year has been very unpredictable, as the school was flooded during hurricane Henri, and was not fixed and approved by FDNY until mid January! However, I have only kind words to share, and we are super happy with them. The teachers are amazing, dedicated, and exceptionally respectful of the children. They see them. The founder, Sarah Carlson, is really impressive - she loves what she is doing, she makes sure all the equipment in the school is very high standard, and she has shown resourcefulness in every step of the way. I cannot recommend the school enough. Obviously, I would also suggest to talk to Sarah Carlson, to understand the vibe of the school and make sure it's aligned with yours.
  • Review from the Fall 2021 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Type of facility: Preschool Review: My daughter loves being outside all day. The teachers practice a philosophy that I agree with - they're very respectful and gentle and consider the needs of each kid. They pay attention and really know who each kid is. Unlike her previous daycare which was very warm and loving but seemed to rely heavily on "resets" and sticker rewards, this program is more focused on problem solving with the kids, talking to them about their big feelings, recognizing when they need an extra opportunity to connect with a teacher, helping them become more aware of their big feelings and how to handle them, etc. It's all been really great for her social-emotional health. What amenities does the facility provide? Has after-school options, Has early morning hours What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing other than some logistics that are out of their control (eg location). Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? Very safety conscious. All kids and adults wear masks and are outside almost the whole day in Prospect Park.