Wild Was Mama (The Wild)
Wild Was Mama (The Wild)


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Reviews (5)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Loved the Mount Sinai class (taught by a doula) the Wild Was Mama class was a little crunchy for me.
  • Babywearing support group

    I know The Wild (formerly Wild Was Mama) in Greenpoint has babywearing classes, but I believe it’s mostly to go over the different types of carriers and wraps available. That being said, they are so helpful and take lots of time demonstrating if you take your own carriers/wraps to the store. It’s such a great store for all things baby/natural parenting related, but is a bit of a trek!
  • Re: Seeking child-focused CPR, EpiPen and first aid class

    I really loved the class that I took through Baby Be Safe at Wild Was Mama in Greenpoint. It is totally baby & kid focused with emphasis on likely encounters in the early years. I've taken that class with them twice & been so impressed by the way the class is run & info is presented. CPR certification is available, I also needed FirstAid cert for my work & they were very accommodating in helping me to complete this test after the group class was finished.
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    We found the cloth diapering class very informative, and their guidance on baby wearing wonderfully helpful Based on a January 2016 birthing experience
  • Shout Out to Wild Was Mama and Birth Day Presence

    Just wanted to second the shout out to Wild Was Mama! I went in to pick out a carrier and they were incredibly helpful. They also have a great assortment of breastfeeding clothing that is super stylish. Everyone is lovely and they have really created a place that is family friendly - they fawn over my children! Please check it out and support this amazing local shop!