White Post Farms (Pumpkin)
White Post Farms (Pumpkin)


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Reviews (4)

  • Pumpkin picking

    Also love for all seasonal festivities and great for that age. They have a petting zoo, and so many more cool things.
  • Apple/Pumpkin Picking on Long Island

    No apples but for pumpkins, hay rides, petting zoo and more we like White Post Farms in Melville. It’s about an hour away. Have fun!
  • Q: Pumpkin patch with all the extras

    White Post Farms is quite the zoo, but super fun and they go all out for the fall. Get there right when they open. There are a TON of animals and activities. It's cash only.
  • Q: Pumpkin patch with all the extras

    we go there every year for all types of holidays.