WeWork Office Space & Coworking
WeWork Office Space & Coworking



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  • Coworking space recommendations

    I had my office at the wework at the brooklyn navy yards and I paid $239 a month with full access to all other offices in the city if need be. The entire building is nothing but coworking and office space.
  • Coworking space recommendations

    I'm not sure if someone has already brought this up but WeWork does drop-in rates at all its locations! You just book through the app. It's super easy. Rates vary based on the location / niceness of the office, but it's usually between $30 and $40. Most of the offices are super nice and large with lots of room to take private calls (Navy Yard in particular is unreal). Probably an obvious suggestion but it absolutely saved me over the past year so figured I'd include it!
  • Coworking space recommendations

    I also use WeWork in bk heights but that’s really for working hours only, but you can book day passes there too.
  • Brooklyn coworking spaces?

    I used to work at WeWork and occasionally would work out of their Navy Yards location which was incredible for both natural light, outdoor space and being right on the water. Their downtown Brooklyn location is nice too and has a roof deck. I think both have hot desk options (daily rentals) unless that's changed since I left in mid 2020.