Weill Cornell Medicine - Lower Manhattan Obstetrics & Gynecology (LoMa)
Weill Cornell Medicine - Lower Manhattan Obstetrics & Gynecology (LoMa)


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Reviews (22)

  • Review from the Summer 2022 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? February 2022 Review: Excellent experience. The nurses were extremely thoughtful and thorough. I felt as though I was in good hands the entire time. Anything you advise people to do (or not do) at this hospital/birthing center? Anything pandemic related that could be helpful to them? Need to wear a mask the entire time. I recommend ordering Extra food during meal times so that you don’t go hungry in the evening. The hospital food was surprisingly delicious.
  • Where to get a mammogram in Brooklyn?

    While it’s not Brooklyn, Cornell has a wall Street location now and I got a mammogram at the southern tip of Manhattan in early June when the subways were pretty empty and the streets were empty and it seemed very safe all around, and I’m really hard-core when it comes to this stuff and did not consider it risky, as compared unfavorably to a dentist appointment this past week for example
  • Advice re mammogram while breastfeeding

    The Weill Cornell lower Manhattan center is really beautiful and easy to get to from Brooklyn.
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    Good - I went for a VBAC and was sad not to work with the midwives there. I do know there has been a lot of staffing changes recently. Including the OB I saw.
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    The midwives at LOMA were good up until I gave birth. I had wanted a natural birth but was strongly encouraged to get an epidural and pito in by the midwife working at the time I went to the hospital, which upset me. I went with the recommendation but never felt good about it. One of the midwives during my postpartum visit also wasn’t supportive of my breastfeeding. I had multiple issues and was told that if it was too hard to formula feed. I support all feeding but didn’t think that was good advice.
  • 2018 Review

    He’s very patient and will take the time to answer all your questions. Good sense of humour, not an alarmist, and pretty laid back about most things. He was willing to let me go two weeks past my due date before an induction- I ended up just being one week over and not getting induced but I liked knowing I had those two weeks. The only down side is his wait times, which can be pretty long. I’ve had to wait over an hour for an appointment, so just be prepared for that.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Excellent doctor. Great bed side manor. Very knowledgable, supportive of my birth plan. I felt confident I was in good hands. My one complaint, is the wait time was awful! I waited almost an hour for every appointment. I end up having a scheduled c-section. Dr. Moritz was on vacation so Dr. Jew performed the procedure. I thought he was great. He was very thoughtful. The procedure went very fast. He accommodated my request for a more birth-like c-section. They got me clear drapes and I got some brief skin to skin in the OR and then they quickly got my baby back to me in recovery.
  • [Summer2017Babies] OBGYN

    I second Loma OBGYN I never waited more than ten minutes and everything was seamless. Dr. Liu delivered my daughter but Dr. Jew was my doctor and was always patient and to the point. I enjoy male doctors and their bedside manner. Keeps my anxiety in check!
  • ISO Midwife Recommendation

    Hi! I loved Weill Cornell midwives who deliver in NYP lower Manhattan, they are the absolute best team of midwives I could have ever asked for for my 4/2017 birth of my first baby. I believe they require earlier transfers but its worth a try...
  • NY Presbyterian Lower Manhattan

    I delivered at LoMa last month via emergency C-Section. Aside from the disappointment and pain of having a C-Section - which saved my baby's life so I really can't complain - my experience was a positive one. The L&D rooms are really large and the two midwives I met were both really nice. The shared postpartum rooms are not ideal but get the job done. The private rooms are much better and probably the most affordable in Manhattan, but as another person mentioned are first come first serve. The weekend I delivered was super busy so we only were able to move to the private room for the final night. One thing to note - as of end of November, none of the hospitals in the NY Presbyterian system are giving narcotics for C-Section recovery. Not sure if there has also been a policy change at other hospitals.
  • NY Presbyterian Lower Manhattan

    I had an outstanding experience with the midwives at the Birthing Center at LoMa. I've heard from people on L&D that it's very much worth it to try and get a private post partum room bc the shared ones are extremely small. The private rooms are $375 (I think..?). While it's not cheap, it's significantly less than other hospitals. It's first come, first served, so parents must request it ASAP when at the hospital.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    I had a wonderful experience with all the midwives. I ended up delivering with Melissa and my experience was fantastic. She was a kind and gentle guide, acting with the authority of knowledge and experience so I was confident I was in good hands. Based on a August 2017 birthing experience.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    excellent! Based on a August, 2017 birthing experience.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    I cannot recommend Cory (Coralie MacQueen) and the other midwives at Weill Cornell NYP LOMA (Amanda Weingarten & Melissa Bair) highly enough. From start to finish, these ladies brought a real sense of calm to my appointments and examinations that translated into the labor itself. They are low intervention and do not schedule testing or sonograms that are not necessary, yet they are very thorough about examinations that monitor the health of the baby in the final weeks of my pregnancy. Unfortunately our baby was born in respiratory distress and had to be transferred to the NICU at NYP on 68th St. Cory arranged for me to be transferred as well and was kind enough to request a private room (which we did not have to pay extra for). Over the following 4 days, either Cory, Amanda or Melissa called to see check on my recovery, to see how our baby was doing and to give me advice about breast feeding and pumping. I also communicated with Cory and Amanda via text during the first few weeks afterwards, including sending photos of a rash I had from the epidural tape, the rate of healing for my tears and hemorrhoid advice. I cannot imagine having my second baby with any other team. Based on a November 2017 birthing experience.
  • Rec for midwife affiliated with NYP/Lower Manhattan?

    The practice I use, LoMa ObGyn, has midwives. I see an OB there because by the time I got an appointment, the midwives and birthing center were fully booked passed by due date, so I can't really comment on how good the midwives are, but you can read their bios on the website and probably find out more with the help of Google. Hope that helps!
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Downtown Cornell Lower Manhattan Birthing Center Would not recommend. Had a bad experience giving birth there. Upon arrival (less than an hour before baby was born) I was told to wait in the waiting area where I started pushing on all fours on the floor. I was then moved to triage while they worked out if they had enough staff to let me use the birthing center. It was a struggle and in the end I did deliver in the BC but was moved out immediately following. Overall environment was unpleasant with unhappy staff arguing and not helping each other. The mother-baby unit is not fancy and does not have showers in the rooms. Staff seems very stretched and was slow to respond. At one point they brought me a baby that wasn't mine. Discharge was delayed and difficult. Based on a June 2017 birthing experience
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    The midwives at this practice are all wonderful. We got to know each one a little bit over the course of my pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. They're thoughtful, patient, and incredibly calm. Based on 9/21/2016 birth experience
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    I had a somewhat unusual experience as I had a severe post-partum hemorrhage and ended up having to stay a day in the ICU after birth. I was very happy with the care that I received there. The doctors from the maternity ward came down frequently to check on me and the care I was receiving in the ICU, the hospital arranged to have my son brought down to me several times while I was in the ICU, and even the head of the ob/gyn department came by a couple of times to check up on me. My few complaints are that transferring back to the maternity ward from the ICU ended up being a bit more of an administrative hassle than I would have liked, and they put me at first into a shared labor recovery room, which wasn't great (given that I was still recovering from the hemorrhage), but I know they only have so much space. Based on October 2016 birth experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Doctors and nurses were great once we finally got to a delivery room, but this is a small and busy hospital and we didn't have a good experience checking in - despite a rapidly progressing labor I spent over an hour in the waiting room and then several hours in triage (sans epidural) before a room opened up. Facilities also seemed a bit dated. Overall a mixed bag: a great staff but suboptimal facilities. Based on August 2016 birthing experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Recommend? Highly recommend Review: We had a great experience. I didn't labor for long at the hospital, but was happy I would have had the birth center tools at my disposal of I would have needed them. The post partem care was great, except I wished the lactation consultants would have been more proactive in teaching me the different holds. To their credit they followed up with me a few days after I got home, I gave then feedback and they seemed receptive to incorporating it. Advice: They are very open to explaining and people who advocate for themselves, so don't be afraid to ask or question of you have concerns or are confused Member notes about insurance: So far so good Based on a January 2016 birthing experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    All five midwives in the practice were fantastic. I felt very supported during my prenatal visits, during delivery and with all my postpartum care. My only feedback to them was I would have appreciated getting more guidance on breastfeeding. I happen to have flat nipples. It would have been helpful to know that in advance both to prepare and know what challenges might come with early breastfeeding. Another bonus is that they are the only midwifery practice currently delivering at LOMA (formerly NY Downtown) so there isn't as much competition for the rooms in the birth center, and bonus that it is much closer to Brooklyn than the Roosevelt Center Member notes about insurance: The practice across a range of insurance and had been easy to work with so far. Based on a January 2016 birthing experience
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Review: Great care. They have their own dedicated two-room birthing center at Weill Cornell Presbyterian hospital downtown. Despite being a busy practice, they never made me feel like I was a nameless patient. Insurance: Billing went smoothly; never any problems.