Vikash Modi, MD - Weill Cornell
Vikash Modi, MD - Weill Cornell


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Reviews (6)

  • ISO Pediatric ENT/DDS in Manhattan for tongue-tie assessment

    I recommend Dr Vikash Modi at Weill Cornell ENT department.
  • Searching for Pediatric ENT

    Dr. Vikash Modi doesn't have the warmest bedside manner, but he knows his stuff and we've felt in good hands with him. (And my three-year-old couldn't seem to care less about the bedside manner). We went through two other ENTs before we found him, and we're sticking with him and entrusting him with my daughter's surgery.
  • Ear Tubes with Dr Maresh or other ENT?

    Not for ear tubes, but we've been really happy with Dr. Modi, who's part of Dr. Maresh's practice. He's not warm and fuzzy - like, at all - but he's good with our daughter, patient enough with us, and strikes me as HIGHLY competent. It took us three other ENTs to find him (so yes, we got second opinions), and I've felt like my daughter has been in excellent care under him.
  • Pediatric ENT for Ear Infections & Heavy Wax Buildup

    We see Dr. Modi for our eldest’s ear troubles. She needed ear tubes when she was 3 and again when she was 6, along with adenoids removed. He is a talented doctor and surgeon. His bedside manner is fine, but not super warm. He has offices on the UWS and UES. I’m not sure what insurance he takes.
  • ISO: pediatric ENT recommendations?

    It's a bit of a trek, but depending on how serious your child's condition is/how much you value getting the best care/diagnosis possible, it's totally worth it! For me it was, my child had complete nasal blockage and was not breathing through her nose for months! To the point where she couldn't smell.:( Without a doubt and without hesitation(!), I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Vikash Modi. Dr. Modi was our second opinion and he was a god sent -- kind, timely, humble and great bedside manner: these in-person qualities becomes magnified when you take in the fact that he's the head of Otolaryngology at Weill Cornell.
  • [Winter2017Babies] ENT Recommendation

    We like Dr. Vikash Modi. He is also uptown on 72nd Street, but in my opinion worth the trip: