V&N Laser Skincare
V&N Laser Skincare



Laser Hair Removal (Lumenis Light sheer Diode Laser, the brand is FDA approved), MicroNeedling (FDA approved), Dermaplaning (FDA approved). All certifications are available..

Reviews (5)

  • Electrolysis in Brooklyn or Manhattan

    Natalie at V&N laser skincare is great. It’s just her running the business, she’s easy to schedule (and reschedule ) with, tip is included in her prices, and it worked very well for me. She has an office in at around 7th and President.
  • ISO place for laser hair removal and Botox

    Recommending Natalia of V&N Skincare for laser hair removal again. Incredible technician with the most reasonable rates I've seen.
  • Rec for places that do permanent laser hair removal

    I second Natalia at V&N, and she usually has a great Groupon offer!
  • Rec for places that do permanent laser hair removal

    I highly recommend Natalia at V&N Laser Skin Care (North Slope). I’ve had incredible results and her rates are extremely reasonable. A friend who used to go to the expensive places in Manhattan years ago said Natalia is better.
  • ISO: Local Laser Hair Removal

    I just discovered V&N Laser Hair Removal (147 7th Ave). I see Natalia (she was previously at D’Mai Urban Spa on 5th Ave.). She’s very thorough and her rates are also some of the best I’ve seen.