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Reviews (2)

  • 2018 Review

    Hello! I wanted to give a shout-out to the drop-off forest school my son attends, Urban Forest Kinder (www.urbanforestkinder.com). They are a lovely, Waldorf-inspired program that started last fall for kids age 3-6. I don't have any connection to the program other than being an enthusiastic parent! I wanted to share this since it's such a high quality program and still quite new so the word is still getting out.The program's director and lead teacher, Robbin, is an experienced early childhood teacher who is incredibly passionate about what she does. The class is being offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-12pm at the moment, but there will be increased days for Summer Camp and 3 and 5 day options next fall. They’re accepting applications for next year and have an open house coming up. The children are dropped off at the Park Slope Jewish Center on 8th Ave and 14th St, and go to Prospect Park from there. They have a nice classroom at the Jewish Center that they use during cold or other extreme weather, but they spend as much time as possible in the park as the focus is on being an outdoor program. The rhythm and structure of every class is thoughtful and intentional. There is free play, special outdoor and indoor activities and stories, circle time, snack time with homemade snacks, puppet shows, transition songs for everything, etc. My son always comes home singing the songs and telling stories from class, and talks about his teachers all day every day... They are focused on nurturing a sense of community and caring among the kids, and it's so nice to see how kind the kids are to each other. I also love that they foster responsibility for nature and the park, and always take a trash pick-up stick along so the group can help clean up the park.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    The program rents a classroom out of the Park Slope Jewish Center on 8th Ave and 14th St, but weather permitting spends most of the time outside in Prospect Park. My son has absolutely loved this class. The program is Waldorf-inspired, and the teachers are experienced and passionate about what they do. They create a calm and beautiful atmosphere, and there is a thoughtful daily rhythm that incorporates free play, nature observation, circle time with a snack home-made by the teachers, songs for all activities/transitions, puppetry, stories, and seasonal indoor and outdoor activities. This class has really helped my son flourish, and it's amazing to watch how kind and generous the children are with each other. He talks about his teachers all day every day! About the facility: Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change? Nothing! It's amazing!