Union Temple Preschool
Union Temple Preschool


Age range of kids

There is a 2\'s, 3\'s and 4\'s class (Ages 2 to 5)


Number of kids (kids per class)

10 kids per class per day;70 children total


Number of adults

2 teachers per 10 kids

5 teachers, 4 assistant teachers, 1 director.Additional personnel include a school psychologist, movement and music teachers.


Schedule/minimum # of days

two year olds 2 or 4 mornings per week 9:15-12

(Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Mon.-Thu.

three year olds 3 or 5 mornings per week 9-12:30

(Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tue/Thu/Fri, or Mon - Fri)

four year olds 5 mornings per week 9-12:30

Extended days are also available for 3 and 4 year olds Mon-Thu until 2:30 pm


Part Time/Full Time Available



Registration Requirements/Dates (if applicable)

Deadline for applications is January 15, 2008 for 2008/9 school year) and tours start in October. We recommend applying early. Please call us at Union Temple Preschool (718-623-1322) if there are any questions.

Reviews (33)

  • 2's Programs for Sept 2021

    Both my kids went to Union Temple Preschool starting in the 2s- we loved it! The school is closed this year not due to Covid but rather a flood within the building, which houses a pool at the top. They are doing virtual tours and accepting applications for 2021.
  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    Our daughter (and we) love UT. She is thriving there in the warm, respectful, and nurturing environment of their play-based curriculum. We're very pleased with our choice and would certainly make it again. … About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Has weekly swim lessons and frequent Brooklyn Museum visits
  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    Small school with warm teachers, felt like we knew everyone by the end which was great for us. We chose Union Temple because the director was very clear in their goals for the 2s, 3s and 4s classes and it was the only presentation where I had no questions at the end. If we had to do it again we would definitely send our kid here again and will send our younger here. … About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours … What would you change? I would have loved a slightly longer day (or at least the option of a slightly longer day) for the twos program.
  • Toddler Time Class

    Just wanted to make a plug for Toddler Time at Union Temple Preschool. It's a great program for early walkers and talkers, especially in cooler fall/winter months. My twins are signed up for the 10:45am class through December and I know they are looking for others to join.
  • preschools

    My son is at Union Temple preschool on eastern parkway (just across from the library) and we love it!
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    The teachers, administrators, and community at Union Temple are lovely. Susan Sporer, who runs the place, is extremely thoughtful, engaged, generous, and lovely. She's seriously a gem, and I'm so thankful to the attention she's paid to my kid and our family. The teachers are phenomenal. They work thoughtfully with different kinds of kids and create a nurturing, fun environment that my kid will hopefully remember and associate with school for the rest of her life. I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it, but there's something sort of inexpressible about how lovely and warm this place is. When I drop my kid off, I always wish I could stay--whether as a teacher or a student, I'm not sure! It's just really fun, sweet, and engaging. About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What would you change? I wish the hours were a bit longer and sometimes wish the 3s had a bit more literacy and numeracy exercises.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    My older child has been all the way through and my younger is on her second year at UTP. She wakes up every morning asking hopefully if it's a school day. They have lots of fun. The focus really is on making and being friends and open-ended play with toys and art materials. It's a very progressive curriculum. The other parents are a nice community to be a part of. My kids love yoga and music, my older enjoyed her swim lessons as a four year old, and they have fun every day. The afternoon German immersion instruction is fun. About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What would you change? The building elevator is an issue with an obvious solution (a new elevator exists and has for some time, but is not yet cleared to be used). Some two year olds would love longer hours.
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Summer 2018 Review: It’s a nice little camp for incoming 3’s to incoming kindergarteners. It’s run by regular preschool teachers. The kids go outside every day and swim once a week. It’s a nice camp for getting some stimulation/socialization, but the hours (9-3, 8:30 at the earliest) aren’t really compatible with working adults. Age of child: 4
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Both our girls LOVED Union Temple Preschool. The teachers are gentle and creative, the director is smart and down to earth, the curriculum is play based and fun. We recommend it highly!! About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Though they don’t have an outside space at the moment, they have a nice indoor space and take field trips to Mt. Prospect playground when the weather is nice!!
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Union Temple preschool has been a great experience for our family and for our son who has been there from age 2-4 years old. I think the teachers and the director go above and beyond in creative and engaging ideas for the kids, this is not just a daycare type preschool where the kids sit around drawing circles..this is so much more than that. The teachers are making a major effort to come up with some incredible ideas for early childhood learning and play. I would HIGHLY recommend this program if you are looking for a loving nurturing and expansive environment for your kids. I believe the teachers are highly qualified and great. This is exactly what you want your kids to do all day! My son loved all his teachers and loves going to school to see them and see his friends. My only complaint about this program is that i wish they had more outside time. I wish they had incorporated a schedule where the kids were guaranteed to go outside for 45mins each day. the kids play inside in the "big room" but they dont go outside everyday. I realize the challenge in getting kids dressed and down 3 flights of stairs to go out but i think really wish they did it. My last point which is so frustrating is the infrastructure. The building is old and needs repair, the rooms are way too hot, sometime the teachers have to turn on the air conditioner in the winter, and the elevator is horrible and i believe its an accident waiting to happen. It often gets stuck with kids and nanny's inside. People are actually worried every morning about getting into this elevator. We try to take the stairs as much as possible but it's 3 flights. This is NYC, and I get it, I believe for the tuition they are charging, its not too much to ask to fix the heating system and push so that we can use the new elevator. Apparently there is a brand new elevator that the next door richard meyer building next door has been holding up the use of for the school. There is a legal flight and zero motivation for anyone at the Synagogue to get this problem fixed. The rabbi is leaving so she doesnt care at all. No one is motivated to fix this issue. There is also apparently a playground or playground space on the roof which would solve the outdoor problem. This is the biggest downfall of this school, its not the program which is excellent, it is the crumbling infrastructure and the frustration of knowing that we can use a playground and use a new elevator but we aren't allowed to bc the school and the temple wont address the legal issue. Perhaps the motivation for them will be when people stop registering for the program and they start losing revenue. Which would be a major shame, bc the school is such a good one! About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours. What would you change? pls see above! more outdoor time
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    We have had a great experience at Union Temple Preschool. The administration and teachers are great, class sizes are small and they prioritize social emotional development. They do many cool activities like swimming once a week at Eastern Athletics, partnership with Brooklyn Museum, cooking class, Spanish, soccer, yoga, music and other options. I like that they learn about Jewish holidays and traditions but it is not "religious" per se. It is also a great community to be a part of and active parent body. About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    It's a nice school with a very good teaching staff. Not a lot in the way of resources and the lack of outdoor space is a bummer. Still, the children get a good education. Very light on religious education. A couple of Passover and Chanukkuh songs. The administration can be a little inflexible. Overall, I'm very happy with the school. About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours.
  • Review from the 2016/2017 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Type: Pre-K About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, School playground closed while awaiting COO from 1 Grand Army ama building. Hope it opens soon. For now, kids go to Mt Prospect Park across from school Review: My son attended the 3s and 4s program and we were very happy with the school. The director, Susan Sporer, and teachers are excellent. They truly care about the kids' emotional / social development while also preparing kids to leave for kindergarten. Individual attention is wonderful. Note: one 4s teacher may be quick to send kids for iep evaluations, but I believe they are trying to ensure kids have all they need to succeed in kindergarten. We are not Jewish and many kids at school are not Temple members. The school is an inclusive, welcoming secular community. They offer a weekly swim class for 4s through Eastern Athletic club. I highly recommend UT preschool. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing
  • Review submitted via the PSP 2016 PreK Survey

    Review: Though located in a Synogogue, this school is rather secular and the student population is very diverse. Our child's class is relatively small, they allow the children to indulge in their own interests. They focus on autonomy. Our kids love yoga, and painting. The teachers don't make me feel bad when I show up late sometimes - they understand that things happen. Everyone there (staff) legitimately seems like they want to be there. About the facility: What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish there was a more physical space for them to play in. At 3, my child already seems too large and advanced for many of the toys in the Big Room. Review submitted via the PSP 2016 PreK Survey
  • Review submitted via the PSP Daycare/Preschool 2016 Survey

    Age: 2-3 years Review: These guys are AWESOME. The first names my daughter learned were her teachers. They are amazing in the classroom and give great advice (when solicited) about handling the kids at home. They are warm and generous and we are totally totally satisfied. The teachers have also been champs about potty training, especially given the many levels in the 2s classroom. The school is a play-based philosophy outlined clearly by Susan Sporer, the director, who is available daily and by email for any questions.
  • Re: Feedback on Huggs and/or Union Temple 2s Program?

    We absolutely LOVE Union Temple Preschool. I can't say enough good things about it. Our 3 year old goes 5 mornings a week and last year in the 2s program went 3 mornings a week. Her little sister is now in the 2s program and goes 3 mornings a week (though she wishes she could go 5! We thought 5 mornings would be a lot for a late Sept bday girl who turned 2 just as the school year was starting but now we see she could definitely handle 5 mornings. She jumps up and down and claps with joy when it is a school day for her.) The teachers are all fabulous. We feel so very lucky. (One of our daughter's assistant teachers even went to the preschool herself when she was a child!) The classes are small. There is a lot of attention to each child. They have yoga and music weekly and special projects throughout the year - for example a farmer came last week with chickens and left eggs and now the kids are watching the eggs in the incubator until the chicks hatch any day now. The 4s have swimming and a program with the Brooklyn Museum across the street. There is Spanish offered in the afternoons for 3s and 4s. The summer camp I s also wonderful and the kids swim and do art and play in sprinklers or go to the Botanical garden.) The director, Susan Sporer, has been there for 20 years and she is constantly doing research and improving the school. She even brought in a "block consultant" after reading about her in the Ny times I believe. The emphasis is on play and socialization and they really are great at meeting the needs of each 2,3 or 4 year old. They have time to run around every day, circle time, lots of play and art projects too. Our family feels that this school is a hidden gem and a great community too. (We've made really good friends there.) It's a very special place.
  • Reviewed via the Park Slope Parents Nanny Survey, 2015

    This member has reviewed this facility in a prior year Program: Our daughter did 3x a week in the 2s program, but they have 3s and 4s also Length of time: 9-11:30 am for the 2 year olds. 3 year olds can go to 12:30 or 3pm Child’s Age: 2-3 years3-4 years4-5 years Type of facility: Privately run daycare/preschool with multiple classes and teachersThere is little/no parental involvement with the administration or running of the facility. REVIEW: We feel SO lucky we stumbled upon Union Temple Preschool in our preschool search. Our daughter had an amazing first year of school in a lovely group of kids with simply terrific teachers, and a great school administration. The program is very kid-centered and age appropriate. There is a lot of time for playing, stories, painting and other art projects, dress up, and running around. There is also "circle time" and learning how to socialize, follow directions, and learn some early concepts. They have yoga on Mondays, Music on Fridays, and there are some great school-wide events, like a chick hatching program. (Our little one's class also had a butterfly project, where they let them go, after they came out of their cocoons.) The school isn't that large, so it is cozy and intimate. The director, Susan Sporer, has been there 20 years and this school is a true labor of love for her. She is constantly doing research and making the school even better. She created a program with the Brooklyn Museum that the 4 year olds do, and they also have swimming at the Eastern Athletic club which is in the building. The school is affiliated with a reform Jewish Temple, but it is not a religious school. In fact, the vast majority of the kids in my daughter's class were not Jewish. They discuss a few holidays and traditions, and it was at a level we were very comfortable with. The handle the transition to school really beautifully and sensitively, and are very attuned to each child's needs. We had a few official parent teacher conferences, but the teachers were also very warm and open to talking anytime during the year if a parent wanted. The administration (Susan and her associate, Krista) are VERY good communicators - which wasn't the experience I had with some other schools even during the preschool application process - and all in all, I cannot say enough good things about it. Our younger daughter is starting there this fall. Our older one is in camp there now this summer. It is a lovely lovely place, and a truly perfect first school experience. Would you recommend? Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • 2014 Daycare/Preschool PSP review

    Program: 2s Program Length of Time: 5 days a week - mornings Child's Age: 2-3 years Review: We are only three months into the 2s program but we really like it so far. The teachers are nurturing and my child quickly grew to like them and look forward to school. The teachers provide a weekly email update of the week's activities along with photos. We always look forward to this on Fridays. The email also gives us a clue as to what songs our child is singing underneath his breath. Weekly yoga and music class which seem to be hits as well. The phase in process is very gradual, maybe too gradual, but seems to work well. And there are a lot of holidays so you have to plan for that childcare-wise. Recommend (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Maybe
  • 2014 Daycare/Preschool PSP review

    Program: 2's program Length of Time: 3 mornings a week Child's Age: 2-3 years Review: We have loved our experience at Union Temple Preschool. Susan Sporer, the director, has been running it for 20 years and she is constantly bringing in expert consultants and doing research to make it even better. The 2's program has a gentle phase in over several weeks. The classes have 10 kids, 2 full-time teachers and some "floaters" who come in. It is not unusual that there are 3 adults in the room. The kids have free play time to run around, read books, have circle time, do art projects, yoga and music and also are learning about each other, each other's families, and potty training. All the kids in our daughter's class really are enjoying it. The teachers have been fabulous. The only thing we wish is that there were more photos or emailed info sent home on a regular basis to the class. The teachers are always open and happy to talk to parents but it would be nice if there were more structured information sent home. We got to see a lot of photos that were out up around the room at the parent pot luck (which was great fun) but it would be nice to see more on a regular basis. Although the school is affiliated with Union Temple, you do not need to join the temple to be at the preschool, and in fact, about half of the kids don't have any Jewish family connection so there is more diversity. There is no religious instruction whatsoever- just a little bit about holidays. We also like that the school is fairly small, has amazing programs for 3's and especially 4's - like swimming, and a program with the Brooklyn Museum across the street. We almost didn't hear about it and think this school is a hidden gem! Recommend (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • preschool review

    My child attended Union Temple Preschool for 2 years-- the 3s year and the PreK/4s year. It's a lovely facility with a warm-feeling environment, cheery and attractive classrooms, and a very enriching curriculum. From observing as eggs hatch into chicks, to swimming upstairs at Eastern Athletic Club, to painting in the styles of Picasso and Mary Cassatt and learning to write the alphabet, children were led through exciting and creative early learning experiences. My child enjoyed the program and made friends who we still see "post graduation." In many ways, it was everything I hoped for in a preschool. However, I would be remiss if I did not add that the school has a tendency to over-pathologize--and, sadly, we experienced this trend first-hand. They expressed repeated concerns that my child was unable to function at circle time, would be unable to handle private school interviews, would need an inclusion classroom with a special ed teacher, and more. Many behaviors that were within the range of normal/appropriate for my child's age were responded to as if they were signs of a delay or disorder. We went through a lot of evaluations, and suffered a lot of anguish and expense (my child did not meet the criteria for any disorder or condition). The happy end to our own story is that my child is now thriving at a local private school and there has been no mention of any of the concerns expressed last year. But sadly, I came to learn that I was not the only one to encounter this perspective at UT. An employee at a place where my child was evaluated said that UT "over-refers." A DOE psychologist who had to observe my child in the classroom told me she thought some of the people at UT just don't understand [gender of child]'s. A large portion of my child's 4s class was recommended for either evaluation or some type of therapy, and several parents felt the school responded excessively to normal unevenness in their children's development.The rating scale that a teacher filled out about my child was so negatively skewed that the psychologist scoring it told me the internal validity of the assessment was in question. As mentioned at the start of this review, UT has many extremely positive attributes and features as a preschool. If not for the tendency mentioned above, this would be an ideal setting for a child's first school years. [Recommend with reservations.]
  • Jewish Preschool advice

    If you're looking to live in the Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights area, I highly recommend Union Temple Preschool. It's a reform congregation that's right at Grand Army Plaza. Both my sons went there and I had a great experience there with both of them.
  • Review from 2013 Daycare/Preschool PSP Survey

    Review date June 2013 (for 2012-2013 year) Program: Length of time: Child's age: 1-2 years4-5 years Review: My daughter started in the 2s class at Union Temple; in fact, I wrote a really positive review of her 2s experience for this survey last year but it wasn't posted for some reason. Anyway, we have been thrilled with the school. She just finished the 3s, is currently doing their camp, and we will be going back for the 4s in the fall. Here are some things we love about it. It's a small school and the director, Susan, is very warm and connected, and I think this shows in the people she hires. If you have a question or a concern she is always available and encourages parents to seek her out. The teachers have all been wonderful. Last year they had the unusual experience of both 3s teachers leaving (one retired, the other did a total career change out of teaching) and both replacements were excellent hires. One had already worked at the school as an assistant teacher and the other came from Brooklyn Friends. But the main reason, obviously, is how my daughter feels about the place. She has always loved going there and I really believe that her experience there has set her up for a foundation to love school and learning. Her teachers have always given us great feedback and responded quickly to any concerns we had about how life at home might affect her school day (like when our nanny accepted a new job or our cat was sick). When we took her to backup daycare recently she settled in immediately despite not knowing anyone, and I give Union Temple credit for that. The school is also great about planning social events such as a fall potluck, spring gala, end of year party at the prospect park carousel, and classroom parties for Jewish holidays. (I feel like I should also mention that although Jewish culture is part of the curriculum, many of the families like us are not Jewish, but I love the chance for her to be exposed to culture, holidays, and history.) They do coffee hours for parents with one or two teachers plus Susan and they will talk about things like social aggression, transitions, siblings--just nice ways to check in and get suggestions for dealing with your tricky preschooler. There are also lots of extras: Yoga with April Cantor (she's very well-known, has taught at Bend and Bloom and has her own company), music on Fridays with Yoshi of Yellow Sneaker, a chick-hatching project in the fall that all of the kids are part of, and the 4s classes take swimming lessons and make regular trips to the Brooklyn Museum where they work with a docent and then do art projects in class that relate to what they saw. This year there was French with Brooklyn Beanstalk (for an extra fee) and it was awesome, and next year they are switching to Spanish (though it will be included during classroom time). I could really rave on and on but I suggest you tour it and check it out... A few complaints: 1) I wish they had extended day, like until 6pm. The school closes at 3 on Monday through Thursday and 1:15 on Fridays. Despite that, many parents do work full time and make it work with nanny shares, babysitters, etc. 2) There are so many holidays-- between parent conferences, staff development days, the Jewish holidays, and the regular holidays, it can really start to add up. 3) Finally, Union Temple used to have a playground but there have been issues with the Richard Meier building that I think relate to the fact that the kids need to reach it by going through that building. Everyone is hoping it will be resolved but I haven't heard an update recently. There is a fun and sunny "big room" with equipment where the kids get gross motor time; the ones who stay until 3 go twice a day. And the 4s do go to Mount Prospect playground when the weather is good. Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend
  • Review from 2013 Daycare/Preschool PSP Survey

    Review date June 2013 (for 2012-2013 year) Program: Length of time: Part Days, 3 days/week Child's age: 3-4 years Review: We had an enormously positive experience here. Warm, nurturing teachers, great skills development, a lovely curriculum, and age-appropriate teaching regarding Judaism in a way that wasn't overbearing or too pervasive (we'd be happy sending kids there even if my husband weren't Jewish). Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend <<< PSP Note: this reviewer has recommended Union Temple Preschool in the past >>>
  • Review from 2013 Daycare/Preschool PSP Survey

    Review date June 2013 (for 2012-2013 year) Program: Length of time: part days, 5/days Child's age: older than 5 Review: Both of my children went through Union Temple Preschool from age 2-5. The experience was overall a positive one-- they learned to like school, made some friends and acquired a bit of academic knowledge. The place is generally very loving, open and happy. However, I have a few reservations specifically about the 4's program. Firstly, they need to increase the Kindergarten readiness curriculum-- K is not what it used to be, and a child coming into K needs to be really ready to start reading and doing real math. UT is stuck in the "letter of the week" curriculum of the old days. I hear they are working on this. Secondly, one of the 4's teachers is, in my opinion, not the biggest fan of boys. One of my children was openly disliked by her and was constantly getting in trouble (not for big things, just little every day things like not listening well, etc). What bothered me is that she had no suggestions of what to do about it-- no general plan to let some of kids move around more during the day or activities they could do if they were finished with their lunch early, etc. When I asked for feedback or suggestions specifically regarding my child, I got none. It was pretty disappointing and upsetting. I was happy to move on to elementary school and sorry that my time there ended on a sour note after I had been so pleased with it all along. Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Recommend with reservations
  • Re: [PSP] Nursery School/Cooperative 2's Program, Etc

    I believe Union Temple preschool is still taking apps (you don't have to be a member, or Jewish, to apply) and they have a 2-day, halfday program. We toured and really liked the program -- it's a very warm, play-based, lowkey program with a very sane application process. We actually didn't even apply anywhere else after touring there...
  • 2012 Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Union Temple Preschool 17 Eastern Parkway Day Care or Sleep Away-- DC Program: Age of Child: 3 Likes: songs, art, the huge stroller for outings, Wednesday swim class in the pool upstairs What would you change? Longer - wish it had August weeks Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend Do you have any other information to add? Small group size means no kid gets "lost." Review from 2012 Summer Camp Experience
  • 2012 Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Union Temple Preschool Union Temple - GAP Day Care or Sleep Away-- DC Program: 3-4's Age of Child: 3 Likes: this was his first "school" experience. he really liked his teacher--he had a crush on her. all of the teachers were great and he would talk about them, what they did and what they said. What would you change? this was a half day program, it really could have been longer. i would have been nice for them to get out more often as well. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? they do swimming one day a week which was great. Review from 2012 Summer Camp Experience
  • (no subject)

    Review Date 2012 Length of TIme: Part Days, 2d/w Child's Age: 3-4 years Review: This is a loving, supportive, imaginative place with excellent teachers with impressive backgrounds. Play-based learning is wonderful and a flexible but predictable rhythm to each day puts the kids at ease. Yoga, music, and swimming make the program rich and dynamic. Plus they taught my 3 year old how to share better!!! Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend
  • (no subject)

    Length of TIme: 5 mornings a week Child's Age: 4-5 years Review: My family has had a great experience at Union Temple Preschool. The school has been very nurturing and attentive to the unique needs of our daughter. She has grown tremendously at the school - she began finding it very difficult to function in the school environment and has become quite successful. We also felt very supported as parents. The school's playground has been in transition for years, which is unfortunate. It will be great when the new playground finely opens. But we still think it's a great school. Do you recommend? (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend
  • (no subject)

    Age: - 3 What did you/your child like about the summer camp? Familiar setting (he goes to school there during the school year). What would you change about the program? More variety in their day. They barely went outside (school has no outdoor play facility). Also, some of the teachers and counselors-in-training weren't the best. Will you send your child back to this summer camp program next year? (Or would you if you could?) No Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Recommend with reservations
  • (no subject)

    Age: - 3 What did you/your child like about the summer camp? learned new songs, spent time with slightly older children (4 yrs old), swimming What would you change about the program? longer summer duration Will you send your child back to this summer camp program next year? (Or would you if you could?) Yes Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Highly recommend
  • Review from Summer Camps Survey, 2010

    Age of Child: 4 Likes: Good camp counselors/teachers Fun arts/crafts Good ratio counselors/students Weekly swim lesson What would you change? More outdoor and physical time (most days the children did not go outside) Add another weekly swim day so more students can participate More field trips Would you send your child(ren) again? No Do you recommend? Recommend with reservations
  • Review from PSP Survey, 2010

    Name of Program: 2 mornings/week KID AGE:2-3 years My daughter's teachers are wonderful and keep the children engaged and having fun. They always have projects planned and my daughter proudly brings home her artwork. The faculty and also her teachers keep in touch on a regular basis, with weekly updates and reminders about upcoming school events. The facility is great - not fancy but perfect for a young child to play and explore. As far as transitioning/separation, they have a 3 week separation schedule and it seems to have worked well. My daughter now understands that we drop her off and then leave after a minute or two, in order for her to have fun with her friends and teachers. They did a wonderful job in the transition phase, welcoming the kids into the classroom with much enthusiasm, and encouraging the parents not to linger. My only complaint is that they have leaky faucets in the bathroom and this drives me crazy as it wastes a lot of water. Highly Recommend/Recommend or Do Not Recommend?--Highly recommend Review Date: Fall 2010