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Union Temple is an egalitarian, inclusive Reform Congregation, spanning the generations.  Founded in 1848, ours is the oldest Jewish congregation in Brooklyn.  We are a house of worship with services that are enhanced by our strong musical program; a house of study in which adults and children can learn about our religion and our heritage; and an intimate community of mutual support for our members.  We reach out to the diverse communities of Brooklyn and warmly welcome individuals and all types of families to join us.  As a congregation we are dedicated to Tikkun Olan, the repairing of our world, through the pursuit of social justice and active participation in the larger Jewish and general communities.

Reviews (8)

  • Bris Venue

    Union Temple has a great space, and is very reasonably priced. I’ve organized one there and been invited to two others.
  • Bris Venues

    Union Temple (by GAP) was super accommodating and a good price!
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Our son is in the 2s program at Union Temple Preschool and so far we love the school. Susan, the director, very clearly stated the goals of each year to us on our tour and the teachers have done a great job implementing the goals. Our son loves his teachers and the school - he runs into the classroom every day super excited and leaves every day in the best mood, babbling about what they did that day. About the facility: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What would you change? I wish the 2s program went a little later. It is from 9-11:30am.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    We love this school. My child loves his teachers and wakes up and asks to go to school. The staff is incredibly friendly, warm, and kind. I visited about ten preschools in the area before deciding on this school. I was able to see children in their classrooms during the visit and they just seemed happy. The staff worked with us to transition our child since it was his first time and they worked with us whenever we ran into something including naps. We also aren't Jewish but it's never been an issue and we have always felt welcomed and we get a sense that our child is part of a great community. About the facility: Has afterschool options
  • Summer Camp Survey 2016

    Age of child: 3.5 yrs Review: Rather than a traditional camp, UT camp is a continuation of their preschool. My son LOVED weekly swim class at Eastern Athletics. They went outside everyday -- to sprinklers, botanic garden, zucker nature playground. Also had several field trips to the Bklyn musuem.
  • 2014 Summer Camp Review

    Program: Age of Child: 5 Likes: It's a lovely program and the teachers are wonderful- my daughter loved that she was in her preschool, which was familiar. Each group is lead by one of the school's head teachers and all the counselors who assist are either in college or recent grads. She also loved the swim day and playground days (they go to Mount Prospect, sometimes for sprinklers, as well as the exploration area in Prospect Park). They also do other trips on Fridays. What would you change? I wish they had more pool days- swim is only once a week. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend Do you have any other information to add?
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Age of Child: 4 Likes: Wonderful teachers; bright, fun safe, familiar environment (she goes to school there as well). And even though there are different kids coming and going every week or even every day, our teacher knew exactly what was up with everyone. What would you change? The 4-5 class went to the playground/sprinklers every morning (except when it rained or when they had their swim lessons). Afternoons varied. I'd love for them to spend more time outside, but with this past summer's heatwave it wasn't a huge hardship to be in air-conditioning either. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend Do you have any other information to add? The camp is split into 2 groups- ages 3-4 and 4-5. The 3-4 class seemed to go outside less than the 4-5 group, so if that's a concern and your child is in the middle of the age range, ask which group he or she will be in. Both classes are led by head teachers from the preschool who are fabulous, and the younger class also has an assistant teacher from the preschool. Then college-aged counselors make up the rest of the staff- they were all lovely. On Fridays there are trips to local places like the botanic gardens, brooklyn museum, etc and those seemed really popular. Also, the families in the preschool get first dibs on spots (usually in Feb or March I think) and then they open registration to the surrounding community. It's also very flexible- you can create your own schedule with minimum 3 mornings a week (there is also a full day- til 3- option).
  • (no subject)

    We rented their ballroom for our son's bris. It's a big, lovely space - a bit musty and antique in a way that can be seen as retro-shul chic. They have plenty of tables and chairs, you just have to bring in your own catering, booze and paper goods. It was also quite cheap - $200 for a weekday morning and they were very mellow about everything - didn't even really specify how many hours we had the space for.