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Reviews (8)

  • Hair stylist recommendations

    I see Betina at Union Beauty. I’ve been going to her for almost 8 years. I really like her a lot. I have very coarse hair too, but not wavy. Extremely straight. And I like my hair short, so when cut the wrong way will splay out in spikes (like a little boy). So, I think she’ll prob understand your hair well.
  • ISO hair salon in Park Slope

    I highly recommend Union Beauty and the owner, Angela. I chose them last fall as their Covid protocols were top notch. The experience and haircuts have been great!
  • Summary: ISO Hair stylist first fine, curly hair

    Bettina at Union Beauty
  • looking for a hair colorist for blond highlights

    Union Beauty Salon on Union St near 7th Ave does great work. Check out their Instagram to see if you like what they do. I primarily see Angela, but have seen great work by Cassie, Ebony and Laurie.willow
  • Amazing Hair colorist

    Betina or Angela at Union Beauty Salon. Near 7th Ave.
  • Haircuts for Curly Hair

    Union Beauty on Union Street near 7th Ave. ...I have been to Angela(owner) and Bettina (stylist) and even the junior stylists, everyone I have seen is great.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Hair stylist for hair thinning

    I had a period of hair loss about 1.5 years ago. The final determination was that it was stress related loss. We came to that conclusion after I had just about every test under the sun. I do encourage you, if you are able, to get tested for a few common things like Vitamin D, iron, thyroid stuff, and hormone imbalances. Those might be easy to catch and could be the culprits. However, since you actually asked for hair advice, I started seeing Bettina at Union Beauty, on Union Street just below 7th Ave, and she was incredibly sensitive to my situation and gave me an outstanding haircut that really helped me to feel better about my hair situation. She was patient, did not belittle my experience, and gave me reassurance that I actually did have quite a bit of hair.
  • Great Hair stylist in the Slope: Summary and thanks

    Bettina at Union Beauty (Union/7th) is good. My husband and I recently switched to her.