Un Posto Italiano
Un Posto Italiano


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Reviews (2)

  • Ordering Milk on line

    We got milk (and much else) from Un Posto Italiano. You can see what they have in stock on their website. We picked up (contactless) at their store on Garfield after paying over the phone, but somebody in another PSP Advice thread had a good experience with neighborhood delivery as well. They provided excellent service, and we'll keep buying from them.
  • Shoutout to Un Posto Italiano and Runner & Stone

    Giving a shoutout to Un Posto Italiano and Runner & Stone! We ordered from both places this week and they provided some amazing food. For Runner & Stone I went to their (closed) restaurant to pick up some cake, handed to me at a distance with gloves and a mask. For Un Posto Italiano they delivered to our apartment building and waited at a distance, also with gloves and a mask, until we picked it up. Great experiences, great food and supporting local businesses.