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Our name, “ume ume”, reflects the focus of our program and the importance of bringing everyone together (ume = you + me), as we create and learn about our world through music and the arts.
Ume Ume Programs & Seasonal Camps implement an original curriculum through an arts integrated approach to learning for children under 12 years old. We develop a young child’s familiarity with music, dance and art while encouraging experimentation, exploration, and creative thinking. Our aesthetic experience encourages learning, understanding and appreciation of the arts, as well as the development of both cognitive & motor skills.

Reviews (32)

  • Piano lessons for 4 year old? BKheights/Cobble Hill

    It's not exactly BK Heights/Cobble Hill, but we love Ume Ume! Our 4-year old takes their group classes and loves them, but I believe they also offer private lessons.
  • Art bday party idea for 6yo

    Big fan of Ume Ume on 4th Ave and 3rd St. They do music and art parties and do a really great job.
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Park Slope How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 5 Review: We LOVE Ume Ume! My son has been attending their camps for two years, and their classes since he was a baby. Ms. Sotiria is an engaging and loving teacher and my son would come home each day excited about what he'd learned.
  • Baby Music Classes?

    Another enthusiastic recommendation for Ume Ume! Miss Satiria is a dream - our son loved her music classes as a baby/toddler and now takes group piano at Ume Ume.
  • Baby Music Classes?

    We would like to second Ume Ume- my son had attended various classes since he was 6 months old and continues to love it!
  • Baby Music Classes?

    Hi- can’t recommend Ume Ume music & arts highly enough! My sons (now 8 & 5) went to classes since just about birth and LOVE it there (we literally can’t pass by without them putting their face to the window to wave hi to Sotiria, the woman who runs ume ume). It’s family owned and run and is such an amazing, special place. They do drop ins as well as semester long classes.
  • Toddler birthday party space recommendations

    Ume Ume is pretty great for parties! It's Park Slope, but it's a nice space.
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Park Slope/Gowanus How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 4 Review: We love Ume Ume! Kids learned about different countries, played music, created artwork and put on shows! We attended all 7 weeks of camp and my son was excited to return every time. Ms. Sotiria is so wonderful with the kids. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? Camp sent out Covid precaution information and kept us up-to-date on masking policies. When we chose to continue to mask our son, they supported us.
  • ISO recommendations for summer day camp for 4 yrs old!

    We did a mix last summer: Ume Ume (music and art) on 4th Ave & 3rd Street, Beansprouts on 6th Ave and 8th Street, and One World Project (Spanish immersion) in Windsor Terrace. Our son (who had just turned 4) loved all of them.
  • Looking for Art / Music Class recommendations

    We love Ume Ume too.
  • ISO: Music Classes for 5 year old

    Our kids went to Ume Ume arts school for beginning piano and a toddler music class and loved it. The teacher Sotiria is great with kids
  • Winter break Mini-Camps for 4 year olds?

    Ume Ume offers an arts and music mini-camp during winter break for 3-8 year olds. You can opt for booking the whole week or just by the day (we just signed our 4-year old up for a single day during winter break week). Their website has a little blurb about their camp, but you can email them for more info and registration:
  • Review from the 2020 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of child: Almost 6 Comment: Ume camp was AMAZING! It’s a family owned/run business and they are super nice and unbelievably creative. My son came home every day raving about his day and singing whatever song his teacher, Sotiria, put on for morning dance/exercise. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Wouldn’t change a thing! Anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it you'd like to add? All staff wore masks and all kids recommended to wear as well. Provided dedicated supplies for all kids and organized tables that snack/lunch was distanced but still able to talk to their friends. They kept the kids safe and my son never came home complaining that any of their protocols interferes with fun.
  • ISO: virtual art camp for this summer

    Ume Ume Arts, a local music + arts school, is offering virtual summer camp this year. Each week will feature three art projects, along with corresponding virtual classes. Project-specific materials will be provided for either pick-up or to be mailed to your current address. (I expect you still need to have some basics at home: paper, scissors, glue, markers, etc.). We've had our daughter taking their virtual classes since mid-March, and we love it. Miss Sotiria really goes above and beyond every time, laying out the theme for the class, teaching about artists and their styles in a way that is accessible for kids, and demonstrating the project step-by-step over video. I'm attaching the flyer/registration form with the virtual camp info because I notice it isn't up on their website, You can also email them at are very responsive and I'm sure they can answer any questions you have!
  • Shout-out: Ume Ume virtual music and arts program

    I want to give a special shout-out to Ume Ume Music + Arts, one of my favorite places in the neighborhood. Miss Sotiria hosts the gentlest, sweetest sing-alongs for little babies, and comes up with a really imaginative projects to engage toddlers and little kids as well. We've been participating in their virtual format for a few weeks. It's never quite the same as being there in person, but we value it more than ever, because we are at home and so grateful for interactive things for our little kids to engage with. Ume Ume now offers four different activities per week, livestreamed (and recorded) over Facebook Live, including a singalong, an arts and crafts project, an integrated music + art enrichment program, and a bedtime story reading. A wonderful touch that they are adding for the spring semester that starts next week, is that they'll distribute materials for their arts projects every week. I feel this really sets it apart from watching YouTube videos or just Zooming sing-alongs (which, of course, we also enjoy plenty of, too!) Enrollment for the spring session just opened, so I wanted to share this out because there might be families that had previously not considered Ume Ume for logistical reasons, but can now enjoy it from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. I encourage you to check out and email to inquire about registering. Hope to see you online!
  • ISO Baby music class

    We seriously love Ume Ume Arts on 4th Ave, just off JJ Byrne: They have an enrichment program geared for the 6 months to 2 years age group. Your 9 month old will fit right in. It’s nice that the group is limited to younger kids, which keeps the vibe really mellow and sweet. They spend the first part of class on music, then there’s always a few minutes of another activity at the end, usually something art-related but age-appropriate. Miss Sotiria even keeps food-safe paint around for the youngest kids. The music portion is wonderful; the kids always have something in hand to make music or play along with while they sing. Drums, rain sticks, even ukeleles, and more that I can’t recall off the top of my head. Miss Sotiria plays guitar, piano, violin, cello, and welcomes the kids to interact with these instruments as well. The current session is already underway but you might ask if there’s room to join part way through. It might feel like a big commitment, but I’m really glad we did it. Not only was I able to appreciate how much thought goes into developing the curriculum for the whole session, but the routine also gives the babies a chance to build a bond with the material, teacher, and classmates. If it doesn’t work out to attend the enrichment classes, there’s also a music-only Baby Rhythm Makers class (for 0-12 months), and an all-ages-welcome sing-a-long a couple of times a week. Both of those are drop-ins.
  • ISO music class/ singalong for babies

    We started taking our son to Ume Ume Family Sing-a-Long on Saturdays around that age, and he/we loved it!
  • Fun classes for babies?

    I second Ume Ume! We have been going to the Friday afternoon drop-in class, and it was so much fun.
  • Fun classes for babies?

    We love Ume Ume! We started sending my older son to baby classes around 6 months, and he still goes to art and music classes there.
  • 2018 Review

    I really like Ume Ume because it's a drop-in class rather than semester. It's on Fridays, I want to say 12:30pm? I haven't had good luck with a semester package, as the nap schedule changed halfway through.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    The program is a wonderful mix of art, music and movement. Its director is incredible— creative, energetic, nurturing and patient. The drop off program for 2 to 4 year olds meets one or two mornings a week for two hours, but they also offer other weekly classes intended for caregiver participation. My daughter absolutely loves it and comes home having learned very sophisticated things in an age appropriate way. I can’t recommend it enough. I wish they offered a third morning but they have a number of other classes for different age groups as well as group and private music lessons.
  • Shout out for Ume Ume

    Just want to give a big shout out for Ume Ume. My daughter has been attending their Ume Ume + Umbini classes for a couple of months. She's only 11 months but we did trial classes at a bunch of different places and this was the one she liked best. I get lots of photos and updates from our nanny and can tell that she's really enjoying herself. I attended the class today for the first time and thought it was great. The classes are all themed and I look forward to seeing the new theme every week. They obviously put a lot of time and care into the classes. They are also so friendly when dealing with makeups, drop ins, etc.
  • Shout out for Ume Ume Music & Arts Birthday Parties!

    This is a shout out for Ume Ume Music & Arts! We have been taking classes with Sotiria for a couple years now and finally enlisted her services for birthday entertainment. She went above and beyond. The experience far exceeded my expectations. At one point, the kids (ages 1-3.5) were having a mini dance party with her leading the pack. I couldn't believe how well she commanded the room full of kids she hadn't met before and really admired her patience. She took her time at the party and never appeared rushed or in a hurry to leave. I highly recommend them for birthdays. I'm also a huge fan of their classes!
  • Music Classes

    I’ve been taking my kids to music class at ume ume music + arts on 4th Ave and 3rd Street for 2 years now. The studio is run by a brother and sister who are just the kindest people and Sotiria, who teaches all the classes, develops the curriculum, hosts all the birthday parties, and teaches private lessons there, is a doll. My kids have grown with her classes from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond (for my pre-K kid). She integrates visual art, dramatic arts, storytelling, pretend play, singing, instruments, music appreciation, and even the rudiments of musical training into her class. And they’re always structured around a (different!) interesting theme— my kids have learned about great composers in history, US states, famous museums around the world, and more. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
  • UME UME on Fourth Ave And Third - Shout Out

    I just wanted to share what a wonderful place Ume Ume on fourth ave and third street is. My son is five years old and takes the "12 Week Enrichment" course on Fridays. Miss S is AMAZING. Each week she follows a lesson plan from a multi disciplinary curriculum she created where children learn about a different place, event, or movie of cultural importance and use different mediums (painting, playing instruments, listening to music, exploring replicas of famous artifacts, creating masks and clothes, recreating scenes of a movie, etc) to educate the children. The class is fantastic! I cannot get over how much preparation, care, and talent Miss S puts into these classes. She presents each lesson with enthusiasm, patience, and kindness and is so sweet to the children. I have NO personal stake in this business other than I would love to see Miss S and her brother continue their success in our neighborhood. Please sign your kids up for their classes - their class schedule is online - they will learn so much - and you will be supporting a local business/educator who deserves it!
  • Re: Does anyone have experience with ume ume program?

    My 3 yo and 18mo old took a 12 week music/art enrichment class last fall and we really liked it. The space is new, clean, bright and well stocked with art and music supplies, a piano (albeit out of tune) and a few other instruments, as well as toys that the kids love during open play/story times. I thought the teacher, Sotiria, was great with the kids, and she came prepared to every class with props and art materials applicable to that week's theme. Our class size was small (2-5 kids) and the content of the class was unique and drew both my kids in. My only complaint is the cost. Compared to many other classes in the neighborhood, it is substantially more expensive at ~$45/class. They include some free drop-in passes and have a flexible make-up policy, but bottom line is that this is twice what many other local children's music classes cost. If budget is not an issue, I think it's a great option but otherwise, especially for a 6-12mo old, I would question whether the cost is justified.
  • Re: Does anyone have experience with ume ume program?

    I can't speak to the 6-12 program, but my 3 year old son did the enrichment program and we LOVED it!!! The theme last season was music and art though the era’s, and this time they are doing museums of the world. They do circle/story time, play with an instrument (Violin, drum, triangle, guitar) and then two art projects in 50 minutes. My son loves Sotiria the teacher and they also do mini camps which we did last summer for a week. Someone mentioned they seemed pricey, but compared to some of the other music classes I took it was a much better quality - PLUS you get 6 drop in classes. They also give a PSP discount!
  • Review

    For two seasons my daughter has been enrolled at Ume Ume Music & Arts on 3rd Street & 4th Avenue. I can't say enough about how incredible the instructor is, and how above and beyond she and her brother go to plan each and every class (they own & co-run the program together). Like me you may have walked by the storefront a number of times and wondered what they do and how it is different from the many other Park Slope programs out there for toddlers. I can tell you that this stands out from anything my daughter has ever done; last season they created a passport and at every session, the teacher created a full hour of content covering the music, food, traditions, and a bit of other knowledge about each country. At the end of each class, my daughter's passport was "stamped" and she came home with something she'd cooked in the class (a crepe when they did France; lasagna when they studied Italy) as well as an art piece from the same session (a paper mache Eiffel Tower for example). Both owners have their Masters in Ed. and are beyond dedicated. I highly recommend it beyond measure!
  • GREAT birthday party venue!!

    I was just about to post this! My friend had her 1 year old's birthday party this weekend at Ume Ume on 4th avenue and they were AMAZING. I can't say enough good things about the owners - one young lady Siteria is an educator and plays music and does games and she is a DOLL. Her mom Cristine is so sweet and they helped me and my friend do a crazy set up and didn't bat an eye. A cousin was there and helped too and she was very sweet. We had food and wine and kids running around like mad and music. It was wonderful. I asked if I could have a party for my 10 year old and bring in a TV with the Wii and they said sure!! I highly recommend it!
  • Re: GREAT birthday party venue!!

    I also had my daughter's first birthday party at ume ume a few weeks ago. LOVE them. I take my children to music class there and find the classes clever, interesting, engaging, and really fun for both my 3 and 1 year olds, so I wasn't surprised that they were fantastic to work with to plan the party. They arranged the catering from a great place, helped me with all my decorations (and I'm sure they would have helped in getting balloons and cake stands and other things for me, but I wanted to do that myself), ran a music/dance class that entertained children aged 1-7 and created a wonderful experience for my little girl, who had an absolute blast. The space is also beautiful and impeccably clean, something my more germaphobic guests appreciated. And I can't speak highly enough of Sotiria and Christos, her brother, the owners. They are good people.
  • Recommendation for Ume Ume Arts

    My 14 month old son and I took a great drop-in music class here. The teacher was really sweet and talented and the space is so cute. They have all these cool instruments that my son loved. We were the only ones there, so we basically had a private lesson. They offer several different drop in classes for summer for babies and for older kids too - great way to beat the heat. It's on 4th avenue and 3rd Street.
  • Recommendation for Ume Ume Arts

    I want to second this recommendation! I’ve been taking my 2.5 year old to their music classes since April and he LOVES them. He gets to play the violin and piano and drums, “conduct” Beethoven symphonies (something he loves to do in our house now), learn about the ballet, and paint art based on the music he listened to. On “music class” days, he has no interest in JJ Byrne around the corner, he just asks me over and over if we can go to his music school. It’s in a beautiful, pristine, light-filled space that also hosts birthday parties, and the brother and sister who have opened it are so kind to the children. We’ll definitely be enrolling him again next semester and probably his little sister, too, when she’s ready. (July 2014)