UFC Gym Park Slope
UFC Gym Park Slope


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  • Review: UFC Gym

    A few weeks ago I joined the newly opened UFC gym at 4th avenue and 3rd street. I'm very happy with it, and wanted to post this review because: 1. After its building was under construction for so long, I don't think people realize it is OPEN! 2. Being so new, the classes and programs are scaling up - and I'd like to see more people join so they can operate at 100% 3. And I've been going for a few weeks, and am tremendously happy with it - I'd love to spread the word and do this business the favor since I'm a happy customer. The first trial class is free if you go online and print a voucher. When I joined, it was a pre-opening rate and it was comparable to membership at the Y (I don't know what the rates are now). You can use it like a normal gym - there is cardio and weight equipment. Even better, you get access to the classes which are like TRX, kickboxing, conditioning (schedule online at In other words - you don't have to learn / already know any kind of martial arts. In the future, they'll add specialty classes with an enhanced membership (i.e. belt-system, skills-based class on martial arts techniques, or team training for obstacle course races). There are adult *and* children's programs too - although I can't attest to the kids' programs given mine is 3.5yo and I think the classes start at an older age. I haven't met all the instructors - only three of them - and they are all good coaches in their individual ways. For the first time, I look forward to going to the gym, and I like feeling healthier, stronger, and even better if I learn possible self defense.