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    The UHaul on 4th ave has pretty good rates and I think they may offer 1st month free. Or at least they use to.
  • Summary: Storage space

    For some years we had stuff stored at the U-Haul Storage Center on 4th Ave in Park Slope. No problems whatsoever.
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    I'll add one other note about U-Haul: U-haul appears to draw fewer complaints on price. However, in my experience their customer service is awful. Not usually an overriding concern since one probably doesn't visit often, but you should watch out. EG, if you call to find out when they close on a Saturday, you may arrive with stuff to store only to find out that the truck rental operation is still open but access to the storage facilities closed earlier, despite the fact that you had inquired specifically about storage access.
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    I would use U-haul on 4th Ave and 6th Street. It's much more centrally located and we used them for 8+ years. Easy to access, I thought OK pricing. Their hours are 7am-7pm, except on Sat & Sun which are til 4pm, I think.