Twist Entertainment
Twist Entertainment


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  • Shout out to fantastic balloon animal entertainer

    Just putting out a positive recommendation for the AWESOME balloon animal sculptor/entertainer who made animals, princesses, flowers, hats, swords, and all kinds of other creations for the kids at my daughter's 4rth birthday party today. An internet search turned up Twist Entertainment as a well-reviewed local business, and since I only had a couple weeks left before the party I crossed my fingers and sent an e-mail. They were great! No problem with the booking, and the person they sent (Rami) was punctual, considerate (he took his shoes off as soon as he walked in the house and saw that I wasn't wearing any), up-beat, great with the kids, and able to handle an entire room full of rained-in pre-schoolers without ever skipping a beat. Most of all, everyone was literally floored at the balloon creations he turned out. These were not your standard poodles and flowers. Holy moly! He had a "menu" of options that included some amazing spidermen, mermaids, octopuses, rabbits, horses, hello kitties, and even Marilyn Monroe. It was nuts! He stayed for an hour and entertained the heck out of everyone. I don't usually shill for businesses but these folks are local, small scale, and seriously impressive. Check out their website for photos.