Tricia Jean Moriarty Gold, MD - Tribeca Pediatrics Park Slope
Tricia Jean Moriarty Gold, MD - Tribeca Pediatrics Park Slope
  • Park Slope
    425 5th Ave, Brooklyn 11215, NY
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Reviews (8)

  • Sharing received recommendation for the Pediatrician from Tribeca Pediatrics

    We're super happy with Dr. Gold, who's now at the Court St. location.
  • Tricia Gold, Tribeca Pediatrics

    I'm finally getting around to writing a review for Dr. Gold, whom my children have been seeing since birth (my kids are 9 and 11!) She is a highly intelligent doctor, with a no-nonsense, soothing, under-reacting approach which was a perfect complement to us as new parents when our anxiety was sky-high! Now, with two older kids, the challenges are different, but Dr. Gold is still a constant source of wisdom and help to us. Best of all (at least for me), she approaches all she does with a dose of humor, which really helps keep everything in perspective.
  • Recommendation for Tribeca Pediatrics pediatrician at Park Slope or Prospect Heights locations

    We love Dr. Gold in the Park Slope office. But we had to see other doctors in that office and they were all great.
  • Park Slope Pediatrician Recommendations Plz!

    I second a recommendation for Tribeca and Dr. Gold. My daughters are 7 and 10 and she's truly taken the extra time to get to know our whole family. The girls love her and she's given us wise counsel on topics like nursing challenges, a tonsillectomy, night terrors--and many more. I also love the staff who are friendly and efficient.
  • Park Slope Pediatrician Recommendations Plz!

    We love Dr. Gold at Tribeca Pediatrics on 5th Ave. in Park Slope. My daughter is 3 months old and Dr. Gold has answered all our questions and is so easy to talk to. She also sees my nephews and my niece. They all love her! My sister-in-law says her kids actually like going to the doctor because they like seeing her!!
  • 2018 Review

    We like Dr. Gold at Tribeca pediatrics Park Slope location very very much. Initially, we had another pediatrician at this practice, but immediately switched to Dr Gold after we had a sick visit and she was treating my son. My son loves her.
  • Re: Kind of hate my pediatrician? Venting and looking for advice

    We've been going to TriBeCa Peds on 5th since my first was born in 2010 and absolutely love Dr. Gold and most of her staff. We also love Dr. Shulwolf. There have been a few practitioners that I'm not a fan of, and I simply just ask the receptionist who is available that day and if I can't get someone I prefer, I go to urgent care or one of the other TriBeCa offices.
  • PSP Preemie/ NICU Support

    Our pediatrician is dr gold of tribeca pediatrics And one of the reasons we chose her was because she was a Nicu doctor. She has been a great doctor for [my child] and every time we saw her especially in the beginning she was very reassuring and let us know how [my child] was doing relative to all kids her age preemie or not.