Tribeca Pediatrics (Tribeca)
Tribeca Pediatrics (Tribeca)


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Reviews (4)

  • Baby check ups at Tribeca Pediatrics

    We had the same concerns with our 2 month old a few weeks ago and ultimately they did suggest still coming in for the vaccines. I was happy with the experience: they aren’t accepting walk ins as noted by a sign in the front door and they call you the day before the appointment to make sure no one has any COVID symptoms; it was very quiet/we were the only ones in the waiting room; they had cleared out the front play area; and the staff all wore masks.
  • Baby check ups at Tribeca Pediatrics

    I took my 6 month old for his visit to Tribeca a few weeks ago and it was great. Only one parent allowed in, and they’re only doing well visits and scheduled appointments. Everyone working was wearing a mask and they kept everything to the minimum contact necessary. They’ve been doing only well visits for at least a month now, and everything was super clean. Their perspective was it’s important to keep up with vaccines and general check up at this young of an age, which I agree with. We were able to drive there in our own car, so transportation was safer. If there’s a way you can walk or otherwise avoid public transportation it seems very safe to do and important to keep up with the checkup schedule.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Vanessa Anton at Tribeca Pediatrics Loved Vanessa. She made the class interesting and fun. We learned a ton. Based on July 2016 birth experience
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Type: Childbirth Class Review: The classes were pretty helpful, though they really just covered the basics. I will say that the logistics of the classes were the worst. We went during the summer and the air conditioning never worked (hello, pregnant ladies overheat easily!) and the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable. Insurance: Not covered by insurance (that I know of) Based on a October 2015 birth