Treasure Island
Treasure Island
  • Red Hook
    Redhook, Brooklyn
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Reviews (4)

  • Lots o Stuff: New Year Storage Question?

    We used Treasure Island Storage in Red Hook a couple years ago and had a really good experience.
  • Summary: Storage space

    I can vouch for treasure island in red hook. Seems to be the best option after much research and I think it's been covered not too long ago on this very forum.
  • (no subject)

    We used Treasure Island in Red Hook, and were very happy with them. They usually offer 1st month free if you look for their ad on Craigslist(or sometimes they just list it on their website).
  • (no subject)

    we were happy with treasure island in red hook. liked that they had Sunday hours. They, like everyone else, will sock you with a small increase in fees annually, so best if you don't plan for it to be a forever solution. But it worked for us for 1.5 years.