Tom Kowalski
Tom Kowalski



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  • Shout-out: Tom Kowalski, handyman

    I asked the list for some handyperson recommendations last week, and Tom Kowalski’s wife wrote back with her husband’s info. Tom is an insured and bonded practitioner, and a Park Slope Parent. I needed someone to mount a heavy sound-baffling moving blanket across my hallway so that it would be airtight when open, but also easily movable for passage through the hallway. Tom came by to assess the job and we discussed several options. He gave me a quote and said he would be available in 6 days. In the intervening days, he sourced the necessary materials, texted me pix of them, and explained exactly what he intended to do. He showed up exactly on time with all his materials and proceeded to do the job neatly and efficiently, covering my space to contain mess and leaving the space pristine. Because there remained a couple of issues, Tom adjusted his work no less than 3 times (each adjustment taking about 45 minutes), until it was perfect. He was unfailingly patient and pleasant, and stuck to his quote despite the plethora of adjustments. I am so pleased with Tom’s work, and I want you folks who need a handyman to think of Tom first. He can be reached at 630-728-1978. I never met the man before, I am just an incredibly happy customer. Yours in home improvement,