Tiny Treasures NYC
Tiny Treasures NYC


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Reviews (2)

  • 2019 Review

    I cannot recommend Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency highly enough. I've used Tiny Treasures to get night nurses on and off in the first five months of my son's life, and it's worked out beautifully. We had a night nurse, Michelle, for the first couple of weeks when we brought our son home from the hospital. Then, things were going well, and we thought we could manage without. Then, we hit a bump, and Tiny Treasures sent us Charmaine. This cycle has repeated a few times, and every time, the owner of Tiny Treasures, Ruka, has been responsive, cheerful and organized. The night nurses and nannies she works with are all fully vetted, wonderful, compassionate caregivers, so she really takes the stress out of the process of finding someone, and she's helped us again and again. I can't recommend Ruka and her nurses, particularly Mouna, who helped us sleep train, and Charmaine, who helped when our newborn was inconsolable, enough.
  • Nanny Agency Review

    I want to highly recommend Tiny Treasures Nanny Agency. The owner, Ruka, is a mom herself and I immediately felt comfortable working with her. She sent us really qualified Nannies. Once I decided, Ruka encouraged us to have a "trial". I never thought if that! All in all, it was a smooth process. The agency fully screens, vets and does a background check on all their Nannies and Night nurses. I must admit, I was nervous about leaving my baby with someone, but Ruka really stands by the quality of her Nannies.