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  • Postpartum Doula Recommendation?

    I recommend Tina Goldstein. I met her at Bend + Bloom and loved her postpartum support.
  • Tina Goldstein - Mother Her Post-partum

    Tina was a life saver the first few weeks after our son was born. She helped us get him to sleep, had breastfeeding tips, useful information for us as new parents, and she was a whiz at helping with household chores. She got things that would have taken me all week to do, done in 3 hours. Tina was also wonderful company. I've also taken her pre-natal yoga classes, which are great! I can't recommend her enough.
  • ISO Postpartum Doula or Baby Nurse Recommendations for daytime help

    I hired Tina Goldstein as a postpartum doula when my husband went back to work at 10 weeks. I wish I had hired her even earlier and am a huge believer in the value of a postpartum doula if you’re fortunate enough to be able to do it. Tina was kind, warm, knowledgeable and helpful in whatever way I wanted her to be; sometimes it was helping me organize the nursery after I became overwhelmed with piles of new gifts / new clothes, sometimes it was walking me through breathing exercises / postpartum yoga (while she held the baby) and at other times it was just giving me a much needed break. I highly recommend Tina, though I’m not sure her policy on pets.
  • Tina Goldstein - Sleep Consultant

    Tina was immensely helpful as a sleep consultant for us and our baby. Even though our daughter wasn't a terrible sleeper, we needed help fine tuning our routine, establishing better nighttime sleep, and steering away from nursing to sleep. We worked with Tina during the difficult transition out of the newborn "sleeps anywhere" stage and the dreaded four month sleep regression. She listened to all of our concerns/current routine and put together a comprehensive sleep plan with a variety of options for different comfort levels. Over the next few weeks, Tina was available to discuss anything sleep-related and checked in with us regularly. As recently certified she was very knowledgeable about newborn and infant sleep and techniques to help our baby get the sleep she needed. We are so grateful that we got Tina's help when we did and would recommend her across the board.
  • Tina Goldstein, Mother Her Postpartum Services

    Tina was excellent and supportive in consulting with us when we were feeling desperate on too little sleep with our nine week old baby. While it wasn't yet appropriate, developmentally, to begin a sleep training program with our baby, Tina was instrumental in helping us set up a positive bedtime routine for our family. Tina was friendly, understanding, accessible, and wonderful to work with. She provided a comprehensive sleep plan based on our family's individualized needs. Within days of implementing her plan, our baby went from sleeping 2-3 hour stretches a night to 8-9 hours! Our family is so grateful to be sleeping better. Tina provided the plan, support, and reassurance we needed to be successful.
  • Tina Goldstein - Bend + Bloom

    I first met Tina when I attended her prenatal yoga classes. I then joined her pregnancy support group. Both the prenatal yoga and pregnancy support group were very helpful while I was pregnant. My husband and I also hired Tina as a post partum doula after we gave birth to our son in January. She was very helpful and kind! It was great tonhave the assistance of someone so knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Tina for anyone interested in her services!
  • Tina Goldstein - Mother Her Postpartum Services

    If you're pregnant or a new mom in Brooklyn, you need to know Tina Goldstein. I initially met Tina through her prenatal yoga classes through Bend and Bloom. Tina is a pregnancy and postpartum guru, and my husband and I worked with her to help our new son develop good sleep habits. When we first started working with her, our son was around 11 weeks and waking up every 2-3 hours at night. Plus, naps were taking 30 mins with lots of rocking and resistance. Tina developed a sleep plan for us and gave us the courage and confidence to change some of our habits that were reinforcing bad behaviors. We initiated some gentle methods that she wrote out and explained to us, and examined his timeline together, and within a week our son was sleeping 8+ hours straight at night! It has now been several weeks and he's still sleeping well. Tina was encouraging, checked in throughout the process, answered our questions, and has an intuitive sense about babies. She is just the ticket to help any new parent survive these early trying months.
  • Tina Goldstein

    Tina is an excellent postpartum doula who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I first got to know Tina during a pregnancy support group she runs and knew she’d be great match for my family. Knowledgable, warm, supportive and a great cook (and yoga instructor!), she’s a brilliant person to have around during the crazy early days of new motherhood.
  • Tina Goldstein Post partum Doula

    Tina came into my life to help me with my first born daughter in the fall of 2021. She was phenomenal as a counselor, helper, and friend to me as I navigated the ups and downs of being a first time mom. She knows so much about babies, about infant feeding, and just about the struggles of motherhood - it made my days infinitely better when I knew Tina was coming to help! She helped me with feeding my baby, cooking, light housework (loads of laundry!!) and was absolutely lovely to be around and confide in. She was reassuring and always made me feel comfortable and listened to as I struggled through the first few months of being a mom. I can't recommend her services enough as she truly was a lifesaver for my family and I during this huge transition.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Tina Goldstein's new mothers support group via Bend and Bloom Yoga studio is amazing. I didn't realize how hard it would be to be a new parent who couldn't interact with other new parents and this gave me some of that back
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    Tina Goldstein's support group for new moms at Bend + Bloom has been great.
  • Review

    Please see mine and my husband's completed review of Tina Goldstein: "This past fall Tina Goldstein, our postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor, made my life infinitely more easy. I knew Tina because she instructed my favorite class at Bend and Bloom Yoga. I looked forward to going every week as she had this grounded presence with light hearted humor, and she led a relieving and calming routine. Our initial consultation meeting with her was the most holistic, real and ideal prenatal meeting I had over the course of my entire pregnancy. After hiring her she continued to impress me and I was eternally grateful for that decision. Her companionship brought me and my baby joy. Her knowledge and intuition soothed and relieved my motherly anxieties and uncertainties. Tina guided me in the many challenges and beauties of breastfeeding all the while fostering mindfulness about my personal health. She even cared for the baby while guiding me in meditation and a gentle postpartum yoga practice! Tina inspired self confidence, helping my husband build his own independent skills and intuition as a father. She left me a stronger, well informed and flexible mother. For all these reasons and more, I strongly recommend Tina Goldstein as postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor for your family. -1st time Mother in South Slope, BK "From the time I first met her, I feel that an aura of calm always accompanied Tina Goldstein whenever she set foot in our home. Underneath this sense of composure is a solid core of knowledge and years of expertise, which Tina imparted to us during her fruitful visits. She was always able to answer any questions we had and ready to provide us with any advice she could, but her most valuable gift to us was confidence. She helped us discover that while we, just like anyone else, need some guidance in the great adventure of parenthood, so much of what we need to care for our baby is already within us. I highly recommend Tina Goldstein as a doula." -- husband and father in South Slope, BK