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Reviews (18)

  • Great haircut for thick/wavy hair?

    Gabriel at Tiga Salon does a solid job, and he's all about the wash-and-wear approach for people with thick, wavy / curly hair.
  • Kids' stylist for curly hair?

    I went to Tiga for my curly haired daughter (and for my curly haired self at the same time) based off of recommendations from this list and I was NOT happy with either cut. I was surprised there were so many recommendations so it made me wonder just how genuine they were.
  • Kids' stylist for curly hair?

    I recommend Tiga Salon in South Slope (Gabriel)
  • Toddler haircut?

    Adding my rec for Gabriel at Tiga Salon, in South Slope, on 7 Ave. He's a dad of young kids himself, owns the business and works nearly every day of the week, and gives a great haircut. He's sweet and patient with kids; I took my daughter there for her first real haircut, a few mos ago. My friend took her 5yo girl there soon after, and was also very pleased. Good for adult cuts too, but nice find for kids. He typically has openings throughout the wk, if you call ahead. Not a kid-centric decor style but he has lollipops, and booster seats!
  • Hair stylist recommendations

    My hair has very thick strands and is very thick overall and it has unpredictable waves. So it sounds a lot like yours. I’ve recently discovered my best cuts ever (though I was suspicious when it was happening because he didn’t seem to be using any “tricks”) with Gabriel at Tiga salon on 7th Ave. It was also amazingly affordable. I used a recommendation from someone from psp.
  • First Haircut for *Very* Curly-Headed almost 3 Year Old

    I have curly hair and so does my 2.5 year old and we’ve had great cuts at Tiga Salon with Gabriel.
  • Curly haircut recommendations

    My daughter is 2.5 and is also biracial and has curly hair. We have been going to Gabriel in Tiga Salon and he is great. Very speedy, kind and thoughtful. We have been happy with the experience.
  • Where did you get your toddler's first haircut?

    We also went to Gabriel at Tiga Salon on 7th Ave - he did a great job, knew exactly how to handle our daughter’s initial shyness, and she really enjoyed being at a grown up hair salon! Also super quick and very reasonably priced.
  • Where did you get your toddler's first haircut?

    We took him to Tiga Salon and Gabriel did a great job!
  • DevaCut or similar recommendation in Park Slope

    Hi! I just got mine cut at Tiga on 7th ave with Gabriel he is Deva Curl trained. It was $80 for my cut and my hair is chin/shoulder length. I am very happy with it :)
  • ISO - Affordable hair salon for curly hair

    Tiga is great and affordable. The owner is Deva salon trained. He does my curly head justice.
  • Shout out: Family Salon

    I wanted to give a shout out to Gabriel at Tiga Salon on 7th Ave. He has given me, my husband, my 4 year old daughter and 17 month old son all excellent haircuts. I found him by researching the best hairdressers for curly cuts in Park Slope (my daughter has wavy thick hair) and I've used him ever since. Gabriel is super affordable, nice and we always love our haircuts.
  • outdoor haircut at home

    Gabriel from Tiga salon on 7th avenue first of all gives my entire family awesome haircuts and also will do house calls.
  • Barbers that actually wear masks

    I've gone to Gabriel at Tiga as well. I've seen him cutting men's hair quite often. He told me he originally trained as a barber then continued his studies/training to cut women's hair. He's terrific and very conscientious.
  • ISO Hairstylist in Brooklyn for thick wavy hair

    I echo the recommendation for Gabriel at Tiga Salon! I’ve been going to Gabriel for years. I followed him from Michael Salon when he started his own place. Gabriel is Deva trained for curly hair and his prices are extremely reasonable. He is also a very nice guy. I just had my hair cut yesterday and felt very safe. He sanitized the chair, washed my hair himself for less exposure, and we both wore masks the whole time. Let Gabriel know I recommended him.
  • Recommendation for a blow out in Park Slope

    I’ve had good experiences at Tiga salon on 7th Ave and 13th St. I think they participate in the PSP discount program so download your card before you go.
  • Kids haircuts

    We got our three and a half year old daughter's hair cut for the first time at Tiga. It was fantastic. The name of the man who cut her hair ecapes me, but he is fantastic. Very talented, very patient, and very charming. It is definitely not a kids salon, but they obviously cater to young children. You can see from their website that they have prices specifically set for kids under 13 We plan to go there again and again and again.
  • 2018 Review

    We liked Tiga Salon. They’re very good with kids and N. got a nice haircut considering how much moving around was happening :) They’re also cheaper then some other places in the area.