The Yard
The Yard



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Reviews (2)

  • Co-Working space in Brooklyn? Preferably 30/40 min walk from SouthSlope

    After 1.5 years of working out of my home with my husband on calls all day, I decided to rent an office at The Yard on 13th St and 3rd Ave and I love it. I adore my space set up "just for me." The staff is lovely and the coffee and water are flowing. It's been a highlight of 2021 for me.
  • Looking for co-working spaces/shared offices (Jan 2019)

    I was to recommend The Yard in Gowanus on 13 st btw 4th and 3rd Ave, too. I believe if you are a member of Freelances Union you can get a discount. Also, ask them to offer you a one-day trial so you get a feel of the place.