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Reviews (3)

  • Blackout curtain installation?

    We did The Shade Store. It is so easy, they come measure your windows and then come back and install them for you. We went with cellular shades in their heather blackout material and they are great (better than roller shades). It was about 350 a window but the best shade experience I have had. This specific material also helps keep heat costs down.
  • Shade installation during Covid

    My wife and I had shades installed in July. They came to the apartment 3x. The first to measure, second to install, and a third to fix something. Each time the worker wore a mask and booties on their shoes. They were in the apartment less than a half hour during each visit, including installation. We used the Shade Store and it all felt very safe.
  • Long Insulated Curtains

    I like the blinds from The Shade Store that we've ordered, but we have more typical window sizes.