The Seleni institute
The Seleni institute


Seleni Institute specializes in treating patients experiencing emotional and mental health challenges during the family-building years and beyond. We address mild to moderate perinatal depression and anxiety, pregnancy loss and grief related to infant and child loss, infertility, parenting challenges and parental burnout, marital discord, perimenopause and other life transitions, and more. Our experienced clinicians provide individually-tailored, evidence-based psychotherapy both in-person in and through telehealth services. Founded on a simple yet powerful insight – change a mother’s life, change a child’s life – Seleni is dedicated to destigmatizing maternal mental health and expanding access to treatment as well as clinical training through its continuing education program for health professionals. Visit or contact us at 212-939-7200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a consultation. We invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @selenidotorg.

Reviews (9)

  • Therapist for new mom

    I highly recommend the Seleni Institute: They specialize in supporting perinatal mental health, particularly postpartum anxiety, etc. Whatever your wife is going through, she's not alone in it and there is a whole field of research and highly trained professionals who can support.
  • Working moms therapist recommendation

    The Seleni Institute was great when I was dealing with the same issues. They are on the UES but they did offer televisits (pre-COVID) and I imagine do so even more now. At the time I was there in 2018, they only took Blue Cross Blue Shield but that also may have changed. I had to pay out of pocket until a certain point and then it would have been covered at an out of network rate by my insurance. They offered me a sliding fee scale.
  • Therapist for postpartum depression

    I can recommend Erica Mindes at the Seleni Institute, a center that specializes in perinatal/maternal mental health. I cannot speak to her experience with disordered eating, though have found our work around perinatal mood symptoms very productive.
  • Need therapist for Postpartum anxiety

    I just started seeing someone at Seleni Institute which is a perinatal mental health center (3 sessions under my belt now) and have already found my therapist very helpful. They are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield only, if that is a consideration.
  • Postpartum therapist needed

    I was happy with Seleni Institute for my postpartum anxiety. They specialize in pre and postpartum, and fertility. They do telehealth sessions. I believe Blue Cross is the only insurance they take but they do sliding scale for out of network.
  • [ANONYMOUS] IVF therapist?

    I love the seleni institute so much. I found them via PSP. I have had 3 miscarriages and the seleni institute specializes in fertility . They’re on the UES, right off the Q. So it’s a haul ... but SOOOO worth it!
  • [ANONYMOUS] Therapist for PPD

    I ended up sticking with Seleni - the location is not ideal but since I work in Manhattan and they were able to get me in at 9:15a on Mondays, I decided it was worth it as I like the doctor I'm working with. I'm paying a sliding fee of $175. Have prescribing docs available but my specific therapist is not able to prescribe. (2018 figure)
  • ISO therapist who specializes in childbirth issues

    So, the therapists at Seleni focus on reproductive and maternal mental health, and frequently see clients regarding issues related to previous births. There's financial assistance if necessary (income based) and the rates are very reasonable.
  • ISO therapist who specializes in childbirth issues

    The Seleni institute is a relatively new perinatal mental health clinic with therapists who specialize in issues surrounding pregnancy, fertility, labor/delivery and the postpartum period. I work with therapists there professionally and can attest to how wonderful they are.