The Maids
The Maids


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  • Recommendations for Deep Cleaning Service

    I just hired the Maids, which I found in the PSP archives for a deep clean of a space from which the people just moved out of. They did a great job & took me through everything they did so I could inspect it. If it wasn't to my satisfaction, they would have re cleaned it. I called one day in advance & they turned on a dime & were there the next day! Price was fair compared with three other services I called. I chose the Maids because they were locally owned company, price & turn around. Also, they use green products that didn't stink & brought everything they need with them. Very convenient. Oh, yeah, they work in teams, so the job is also done quickly!! Overall, very impressed!
  • Re: ISO: Extremely Thorough Deep Cleaning Service

    The Maids as in 1-800- the maids are Great. I have used them Post renovation three times and highly recommend them.