The Learning Experience - Kings Hwy
The Learning Experience - Kings Hwy


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Reviews (1)

  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: Great facility - new building and classrooms, lots of space and new equipment. Good child:adult ratios. Kids do tons of activities. Teachers are very kind and loving. Great hours and meals included in the very reasonable tuition (many companies including the NYC DOE have deals for reduced tuition etc). Teachers have answered my questions to the letter but have generally not provided me with any more narrative information about my child’s development beyond what I see in the daily photos. The center has not invited me in to any communication (online or in person) with the other families in the class except for one back to school night, once since spring 2022 (and it’s now summer 2023). There’s no parent email list or get togethers. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish the school fostered a sense of community outside the classroom.