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The Greer Meister Group


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  • The Greer Meister Group

    At the beginning of the 20-21 school year, my 10-year-old daughter was really struggling in school. That was terrible, but what was worse, she truly believed that she was "not smart" and "just didn't like school." She was writing off herself and her potential. I got her a tutor from the Greer Meister Group based on a recommendation from another satisfied mom. After the first session, my daughter said she learned more in an hour than she had all week at school. AND she had fun! Many months later my daughter's grades have not only improved dramatically, but she is now fully confident in her abilities and genuinely enjoys learning. And that was so much more important to me than the good grades. At the end of the year, she won a class award for "overall improvement." I couldn't be happier with my choice to engage the Greer Meister Group. Caitlin is a pro and knew just how to approach my daughter's tutoring. One of the best decisions we've made concerning my daughter's education. Highly recommend.
  • The Greer Meister Group (Tutoring)

    I just wanted to share my experience with The Greer Meister Group because it was really stellar and I'm honestly blow away by the founder, Caitlin Meister's expertise, passion and willing to give honest and extremely thoughtful feedback to her potential clients even before ever receiving a dime. I reached out to them after my son's school suggested that he repeat kindergarten (gasp) and during our first conversation we spoke for an HOUR about his situation. She asked all the right questions and pointed me in the right direction, which was so appreciated since at the time I was feeling pretty lost and confused about the sudden news. She wanted to speak to his learning specialist and teacher before we moved forward, but they were out for summer and unresponsive. So when I received his end of year report card, I sent it to her. She called me right after and we had an honest conversation where she share that based on the challenges presented there, he would likely need more than once-per-week tutoring. We knew this might be an issue for him from the start, and since we couldn't afford to use her more than once per week (her tutoring services are in-home and thus more expensive) she recommended another service. So, in effect, she decided to pass us up as customers because she felt it was more important that he get more frequent services than that we work with her. She was THAT honest and THAT invested in my son's success. I cannot rave enough about her. Truly. I really wish we could afford her. But, perhaps we will go back to her during the school year when once per week tutoring is a viable option.