Eric Lerner - The Great Lerdini
Eric Lerner - The Great Lerdini



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  • ISO: magician or DJ for 3 year old birthday party

    Eric Lerner is a great Magician and has done many parties at JJ Byrne! Kids love him.
  • Magician and balloon animals

    I second the Great Lerdini! He did my twins’ birthday party a few weeks ago and was great! Both the kids and parents loved him.
  • Entertainment for 3 year old birthday party

    The Great Lerdini / Eric Lerner - we hired him for my son's 4th, the performance was entertaining for kids and adults.
  • ISO: Magician for Prospect Park Party

    A second endorsement for Eric Lerner! He has done the birthday parties for my oldest 2 years in a row.
  • ISO: Magician for Prospect Park Party

    Eric Lerner is awesome and is a local dad! His show is funny and engaging and kids and adults love it.
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    My actual Google review: His magic show was delightful and elicited laughs from both kids and adults, and his balloon animals were extremely well-received by our young guests. Great communication and easy to work with, from first contact through the party - highly recommend!
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    Eric was amazing, for both kids and adults. Highly recommend.
  • ISO magician for kids birthday

    We had The Great Lerdini (Eric Lerner) perform at my 7 year-old’s party and he also performed at a 4th bday party we were invited to. He kept the kids (and adults) totally engaged. Does balloon animals for an added fee. Highly recommend!!
  • ISO magician for kids birthday

    Eric Lerner is a local dad and he’s amazing! Super fun. Kids love his show!
  • magician for kids' parties

    Wanted to post a recommendation for Eric Lerner, aka The Great Lerdini. He gave a great magic show (including our pet fish Goldie as a gift at the end) to a group of four year olds in April 2021 in our backyard and then did balloon twisting for an additional fee. The magic performance was suitable for a range of ages but I wouldn't go younger than about age three. Definitely the couple of older kids at the party (ten year olds) were still into his tricks too.
  • ISO: magician or other children’s entertainer

    I highly recommend Eric Lerner, The Great Lerdini! I’ve seen him perform at block parties and kids’ birthday parties. He’s also performed at Little Laffs. He donates a show to the children’s wing at Methodist for every party he does. So you get to feel good about what you’re giving too :). My kids always love him and he has a great demeanor with the audience. My shy daughter actually went up to volunteer!
  • ISO - Magician for b-day party

    I can recommend The Great Lerdini! I've seen him perform at 2 birthday parties and he's excellent! Kids and adults enjoyed the show. I'm not too sure about price, but I'm sure he can give you a quote. He also does magic for the kids at Methodist hospital for every party booked.
  • birthday party recc's?

    "The great lerdini" performed at my daughter's end of year school party 2 years ago and was super great. he also performs a show at Methodist hospital every time he books a birthday party which is kind of sweet.
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    Kept the kids and adults laughing and entertained