The Dynamite Shop
The Dynamite Shop


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Reviews (3)

  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Age of child: 9 Summer 2018 Review: Fabulous “pop up restaurant” camp. Kids learn knife skills, meet chefs, shop the farmers market, make their own lunch every day and then adults are invited to a dinner on the Thursday night. My daughter found it inspirational!
  • Any feedback on The Dynamite Shop cooking classes for kids?

    My daughter is 14 and she really enjoyed the Dynamite Shop’s cooking camp. I love that they incorporate outside cooks and restaurants who tell their story about food. My daughter came away with a much wider and more adventurous palette. Wish they were around earlier!
  • Summer 2018 Camp Review

    My daughter went to cooking camp there in Summer 2018. She came away with a more enthusiasm for cooking, skills around spices, vegetables, dumplings and more. Big Thumbs up as she's now eating squash that she can cut up and put in pasta rather than turning her nose up at it. The kids met chefs, restaurant owners, and store owners which gave them stories about the food they eat. The highlight was a full dinner on the Thursday night of the week-long camp where the kids got to show off what they made to their families.