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The Art Annex


The Art Annex offers visual arts programming for kids, teens and adults!

Our mission is to build a community of inspired, resilient and creative thinkers, serving artists of all ages. We believe everyone needs meaningful art experiences.

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  • Review Submitted March 2024

    My first time taking an adult art class, I haven't taken one since college. It was exactly what I needed! I took a 4-week adult Watercolor Painting course with Susie at The Art Annex. I should note, their kids' programming is fabulous; I took both my kids when they were toddlers and it was a perfect way to explore their artistic interests. But this time, it was just for ME. From week 1 to week 4, I see a huge difference in my ability to recognize color combos, shadows, techniques, and adding dimension. Susie is so patient and friendly, and incredibly supportive of each person's skill level, no matter how beginner. The facility provides all materials needed, you just get to show up and "check out" from the stressors of the outside world. It's almost meditative; 2 hours where it's all about watercolor, with help from a pro; Susie really knows her stuff. What a rewarding activity! Really glad I took this class.
  • Art bday party idea for 6yo

    We did my daughter’s birthday party at The Art Annex on 7th Ave in Sept. They are wonderful to plan with and let you choose the project. They handle balloons and party bags, you bring the cake/cupcakes. They do have a limited space so it has to be a drop off party. I think their max is 8-10? It was such a sweet special party for my daughter. She especially loved picking the project. Highly recommend the Art Annex in general- I’ve taken their adult classes, and she’s also in afterschool there. Can’t get enough. :)
  • Art Annex

    The Art Annex is such a special place. Christie has created a safe space for children to learn and explore a variety of art materials. My daughter has been taking the class over the course of the past year and has become quite an artist herself! It is truly one of her passions. I attribute a lot of that to The Art Annex. I highly recommend sending your little one!
  • Looking for art class for 9 year old

    Try the Art Annex on 7th Ave and 13th! My daughter did a week of camp there and loved it - and we just enrolled her in after school classes for the school year. Their classes go all the way from kid to adult so I’m sure you could find something age appropriate. I’ve done a few adult classes there too. It’s a small space but really wonderful owner and teachers.
  • Looking for Art / Music Class recommendations

    Also the Art Annex on 7th! On their last email they mentioned having openings for early childhood classes for their next enrollment session :)
  • Art class?

    Check out the Art Annex on 7th Ave. My kids have taken art classes with Christie and LOVE her.