Thaisa Lemos
Thaisa Lemos


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Reviews (4)

  • Thaisa Lemos (IBCLC)

    We had a fantastic experience with Thaisa and would highly recommend working with her! She was always attentive and responsive to communication, and kind, personable, and approachable. She made us feel at ease, had a calm and personable manner, and was loving with our baby. She consistently went over the top to make sure all of our questions were answered during our in-person visit and follow up calls. She is extremely knowledgeable (has a PhD in nutritional science) and helped us understand soooooo much from theoretical concepts to simple, basic questions. Perhaps most importantly, she is not dogmatic or judgmental at all. She genuinely wants to help parents make breastfeeding a sustainable/loving experience, not one that they feel stressed or guilty about. She did not give us a one-size fits all template of tips, crafted a personal and thorough plan specific to us, and stuck with us from the start, overcoming several hurdles, until we saw real improvements.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? March 2023 Review: Thaisa came to my home for a consultation with just one days notice. My baby was 8 weeks old and even though I was not having any true issues I was looking for a consultant to observe a feeding and see how we can feed more efficiently. Thaisa is kind, passionate about what she does, and extremely knowledge when it comes to breastfeeding. She got to know me to understand my preferences and created a plan based on my lifestyle and preferences. She is very responsive and available over email or phone to answer any questions following the appointment. I definitely felt that my baby and I began breastfeeding and pumping more efficiently after seeing her.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    She helped me, but I did not like her style or feel very comfortable with her. Judgmental and kind of cold.
  • 2018 Review

    If you are looking for one-on-one personalized help from a lactation consultant, I recommend Thaisa Lemos. You can find more details on her website, including her contact information, but she is the most dedicated and knowledgeable professional you could ask for (she actually has a PhD in breastfeeding nutrition, beyond her experience as a lactation consultant). Her website is: Her fee is $200 for initial visit, and $150 for follow up visits if needed (some people only need 1 initial visit). I think that's pretty typical pricing for consultant's home visit, and in my honest opinion was one of the best investments I made for me and my little one and I would happily pay for it again...