Terrace Books
Terrace Books


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  • Where to find cute cards?

    Terrace Books has cute ones!
  • Where to find cute cards?

    Terrace Books on Prospect Park West by Prospect Ave in South Slope/Windsor Terrace has a selection of letterpressed cards. It’s a nice selection! I think they have occasion cards and probably blank ones too?
  • Shout Out Your Favorite Local Business!

    Community Bookstore and Terrace Books have been lifesavers for my voracious readers while the library is closed. They are so lovely to work with!
  • Shout out for Terrace Books

    A quick shout out for Terrace Books, the independent bookshop on Prospect Park West. I was there earlier this week and the customer service was so refreshing -- they were extremely friendly and helpful, and even comped part of my purchase (a postcard) because their credit card machine wasn't working and I was short on cash. They have story hours and I noticed they're also hosting a sing-along w/ craft on Feb 10. No affiliation here -- just an appreciative customer who was reminded of the value of shopping locally when possible.