Terhune Orchard (Apples, Pumpkins & Berries)
Terhune Orchard (Apples, Pumpkins & Berries)


\Apple picking, pumpkin picking, cider, pies, farm animals, pick your own, field trips, farm market, gift baskets and more can be found at the Mount Family's 200 fruit and vegetable-producing acres noted for quality products and country-style service. Terhune Orchards Farm Store attracts local people doing their daily shopping as well as visitors on their way through the Princeton area. The Farm Store and Farm Yard are open every day all year.

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  • What's the deal with Apple Picking this year? Any family friendly places that follow good covid protocols/social distancing?

    Went last weekend to Terhune Orchards, it was less than 1.5 hr drive with traffic. Very short walk from parking lot to the apple trees. And most of the apples are low on the trees, easy for my 3 year old to pick them herself. Homepage - Terhune Orchards If you don't mind a little more crowd (not worser than 5th ave sidewalk on weekend) , you can visit their kid friendly outdoor fall festival at a near by address: Terhune Orchards
  • Apple picking- have you been to Alstede or Terhune Orchard (or others?)

    This year we went to Terhune instead and while it’s totally different it was was a very charming and sweet farm/apple picking day. My kids loved it just the same. We went on a weekday so can’t speak to what the weekend crowds are like, but you can easily spend a day there and the drive was around 90 min from south slope.
  • Apple picking- have you been to Alstede or Terhune Orchard (or others?)

    Second on Terhune, it was a bit more of a drive but worth it. Good apples, decent food for lunch, no issues with parking and family friendly. I recall them also having a tasting room for the adult beverages they sold on site - wine and cider in this case. Hope you enjoy wherever you end up going.
  • apple picking - shoutout to Wightman Farm

    Thanks for the tip! My wife and I took our 11 month old to Terhune Orchards last weekend and they have a cute (ongoing) little fall festival that was a lot of fun! To make my life easier, I put all of PSP's fruit picking picks in a tog, which makes it much easier to see where they are located and export them all to google maps! Feel free to use it as a reference, add new places, comment on places you've been to, or upvote the orchards you love:
  • [PSP Dads Group] Apple Picking

    Terhune Farms in Princeton, NJ. I went there last weekend. It was about a 100 minute drive from Brooklyn. They have a pumpkin patch, corn maze and barnyard animals. My 18 month old had the time of his life.