Teresa Calabrese
Teresa Calabrese


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Reviews (4)

  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    We also used Teresa Calabrese and the process went smoothly and she was relatively affordable
  • Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

    I strongly recommend Teresa Calabrese. She answered all of my many(!) questions and she was kind, responded quickly, and her services were relatively affordable.
  • [PSP LGBTQ] Looking for second parent adoption lawyer recommendation!

    We have recently begun working with Teresa Calabrese (we got her name from another one of these email chains) and like her a lot so far. She is a queer woman, has been great about answering our many questions via email and in person, accommodated our schedule by meeting with us at our home in the evening, and her rate seems very reasonable. (review submitted Jan 2017)
  • (no subject)

    We are using Teresa Calabrese for our adoption, as well as for our wills/powers of attorney/medical proxies. She is very pleasant to work with, and I really recommend her. (May 2011)