Taro's Origami Studio
Taro's Origami Studio


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  • Taro's Origami Studio Birthday Party

    We had our son’s 7th birthday there, and it was great! Each kid gets a tablet that is preloaded with projects of varying difficulty levels and instructions. The kids choose what they want to make, pick out their paper, and follow the instructions. The instructors are on hand to help out. I seem to recall that there were supposed to be 2 instructions but one showed super late, so the poor other one had to hustle but it was fine (for us). They have drop-in hours, which is a good way to sample the experience. The kids get sent home with a mini origami kit (paper and some instructions).
  • Re: ISO recommendations for great art/design class for 5-year-old

    Brooklyn Design Lab and Taro's Origami studio come to mind. Interested in others too!
  • (no subject)

    as nice as it was to have the whole place to ourselves this afternoon, i was a little concerned for the future of their business. it is a wonderfully lovely origami studio on 7th ave between union and president, 2nd floor. it isn't very visible as you walk down 7th ave which is another reason i feel the need to plug them. they offer classes for adults and kids as well as drop in. my 6 year old had a great time there.
  • (no subject)

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Taro's Origami Studio, the cutest origami store/classroom/birthday party space ON EARTH, recently opened on 7th Avenue, between Union and President Streets. It's upstairs, next door to Seven Nails. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, and my 3-year-old son is a little too young to try it out, but I walked in the other day and was astonished by the sweetness of the space. There are several tables (both kid-sized and adult-sized) in a large room lined with gorgeous paper. The tables are set with iPads at every other seat that I assume help to teach the folding. The woman at the front desk was delightful. I wanted to stay for hours. I kind of want to live there. They offer classes and parties for kids ages 5-12, and classes for adults. And though I think this would be an amazing activity for parents to share with their children, it's also in perfect proximity to my favorite nail salon and would make sense as a place to drop older kids while you get a long, luxurious pedicure next door. Check them out and let's keep them in business! (November 2011)