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Tammy's Daycare


Tammy's Daycare is a licensed Group Family Daycare program for infants and toddlers. When you come to Tammy's Daycare, you feel that you have come to the right place. It is not just a daycare but an extended family where children feel emotionally secure and happy.

Our mission is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for kids, while encouraging social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Your child will receive quality personal and individualized care in a warm and loving home, where they can feel safe and happy and can begin to build confidence and a positive self image.


142 20th Street 1st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232

140 10th Street, Brooklyn , NY 11215

Reviews (8)

  • Tammy's Daycare

    Our daughter has been at Tammy's now for eight months and we love it! She loves going every day and comes out with a smile - and often a "project" which she proudly shows us. We've been thrilled at the structure Tammy gives the kids and feel pleasantly surprised at all the learning our toddler is getting. Imagine our surprise when our 18-month-old came home talking about the letter Q! They have outdoor time, "dancing time," art projects, and lots of special units like a butterfly project, where they had real cocoons that hatched. Honestly, it's made me so much more relaxed about rushing her off to a 2's program (she has a late fall birthday, so timing is tricky anyhow). Communication is easy via text and we get pictures every day. So happy we ended up there!
  • Yoko's Daycare or other day care recs in South Slope/Greenwood?

    Our daughter goes to Tammy's day care on 20th st between 3rd and 4th Ave. Tammy and her staff are amazing, and my daughter loves going there. Highly recommend.
  • Daycares in Greenwood

    We have our son at Tammy's daycare on 20th btwn. 3rd and 4th aves. We just started 3 weeks ago and we love it. Our son is doing well there. Tammy sends pictures and updates us throughout the day. It a great outdoor play area too!
  • Daycares in Greenwood

    We've been very happy at Tammy's Daycare! On 20th between 3rd and 4th Ave.
  • Tammy's Daycare

    Tammy and her staff are absolutely amazing and we would highly recommend Tammy's Daycare to anyone. My daughter started with Tammy when she turned 2 years old and was ready to Potty train. I truly believe Tammy's support was the reason for her quick success at potty training. My daughter loves going to Tammy's Daycare, and always comes back with a smile and a nice project in hand. Communication is easy and we receive pictures and updates throughout the day. My daughter is speaking more after starting with Tammy and I am truly grateful to her care.
  • Tammy's Daycare

    My son and I are in love with Tammy's daycare. As soon as he gets by the door of a daycare he is not even saying bye. Fun and safe place for little ones, Tammy is caring and loving person. She is very enthusiastic and experienced when it come to kids. She keeps little ones busy all day with different activities (cooking classes, art and craft, and etc). The place has nice backyard as well. It's COVID safe environment. Highly recommended.
  • Tammy's Daycare

    The highest recommendation to Tammy's Daycare. Tammy has been caring for my neice since she was 4 months till she turned 3. She provides daily report cards keeping track of feeding, nap and diaper changes. She is very experienced in caring for breastfed babies. She is attentive to kids' needs as well as ours. She keeps us updated and provides photos daily. The kids are engaged in different types of activities including art, reading, sensory games, circle time etc. She gives lots of love and care to kids. The space is bright, large and very clean. If the wheather is nice the kids go outside in the backyard. The backyard space is also very big and gives the kids a chance to play and run. One more thing I loved about her place is that there is a seperate room for kids where they take naps. I'm expecting a baby soon and will definitely join Tammy's family.
  • Tammy's Day Care

    I only have positive things to say about Tammy as a daycare provider. Our son was under the care of Tammy from the ages of 10 months - almost 3 years old while she was employed at another daycare and she was an amazing teacher/caregiver. Not only was she warm and loving but she led reading time, weekly art projects, and taught our son things like the calendar, seasons, and weather. Our son has developed leaps and bound while under Tammy's care. We highly recommend Tammy's Day Care!