Susanna Villani
Susanna Villani



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Reviews (1)

  • Recommendation for great personal trainer—specializes in pregnancy/post-partum

    I wanted to give a recommendation to Susanna Villani, a great personal trainer I’ve been working with for the past 6 months, since just after my second daughter was born. I have no outside relationship to her or her business, but I’ve had such a good experience working with her that I wanted to let other people know about her as well. I actually originally found her through the PSP recommendations page. Susanna has many years of experience training people—she has a particular expertise with pregnant and post-partum women, but she is happy to work with any age/gender/etc. She works with me at my house while the baby is also there, and is happy to hold the baby if necessary during the session or work around what the baby needs. She keeps my workouts varied and interesting, is responsive to what I’d like to do, and pushes me to do harder things without being aggressive. She has a genuine care and interest in the people she trains and is also happy to discuss nutrition and diet without being dogmatic. I have been really pleased with how much stronger and fitter I’ve become since starting to work with her. (Reviewed Jan 2015)