Susan Stark, LCSW
Susan Stark, LCSW


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  • Review from the 2021 Therapist Survey

    During what time span have you seen this therapist? 2021, 20+ video only sessions Type of therapist: Clinical Social Work/Therapist, What kind of patients does this therapist see? Older Children (pre-teens), Teens, Adults (individual therapy), Couples, Families If the therapist treats any special kinds of issues or uses specific therapeutic techniques, please list/describe those here. In-person, Zoom, or telephone therapy? Telephone therapy, Zoom/Video therapy Briefly describe the reasons you decided to seek help: anxiety and panic attacks Does the therapist take insurance, and if not, how has your experience been with filing claims? Yes, she takes insurance, I pay copay only, directly to her, and she takes care of insurance filing, very easy. Review: Susan is friendly, warm, and good at listening. She will ask questions to get me talking about issues. I have felt much better since starting therapy, but to note her approach is mostly listening, with a few helpful reminders/suggestions. I have definitely benefited by working with Susan, but this is my first experience in therapy and would probably prefer in-person sessions as video is awkward.