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Reviews (3)

  • Best Meal kits ?

    We liked sun basket- better ingredients and we could swap out proteins when ordering.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    HelloFresh fans here. Sunbasket became too expensive. Marley Spoon seemed uneven to me - some things I outright disliked, some just seemed a bit plain. We also liked CookUnity for ready/made meals as well as Daily Harvest.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    I've really liked Sun Basket and used it since 2016. The prep is minimal, the recipes and ingredients are exciting, there's a lot of opportunity for customization, and they consider special diets (eg. low carb/ paleo/ keto). To be honest though, I've skipped deliveries for almost the last year to save money and make larger format meals for leftovers. I haven't cancelled because I do see myself doing it again when I'm in a rut and I like checking out the menus for inspiration. I also don't like the amount of packaging especially when I do meals for 4.