Stone Park Cafe
Stone Park Cafe


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Reviews (4)

  • Date night restaurants with outdoor seating?

    In Park Slope recently, we went to Stone Park Cafe (American) and ate on their outdoor side “deck” across from JJ Byrne playground for an Anniversary dinner.
  • Pancakes and outdoor seating

    Stone Park Cafe also has pancakes on their menu, and they have outdoor seating that faces the J.J. Byrne playground.
  • SUMMARY: Who is delivering cocktails?

    I ordered food and drinks from stone park. I love their passion fruit cosmo. They also had other ones on the menu.
  • ISO local restaurant for (adult) birthday dinner

    Stone Park has an event room in the back. I don't know their rates but their cuisine is consistently excellent and very suited for a distinguished birthday party. They have some information here: I am not affiliated with Stone Park, but I admire their consistency in delivering excellent food.